Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

Ten Things Thirsday brought to us by the uber cool Laura Belle

1. I have had such a productive spring break. I have cleaned and organized all of my closets and my kitchen cabinets. All of my bushes are trimmed, monkey grass has been thinned out, two dead shrubs dug up, and freshly mowed lawn. Don't be too impressed about all that work....I paid someone to do the yard work. My little guy is coming back today to detail my car. He works so cheap... I feel guilty and pay him more than he charges.

2. I plan on doing nothing this weekend (as far as work) so I will feel like I got some sort of break before I go back to work.

3. According to my dashboard this is my 100th post...and I thought I wouldn't have anything to say when I started this blog :)

4. I have an appointment tomorrow with my band doctor. I thought I may get a small fill since my insurance is changing and will no longer pay for fills....but I really don't think I need it. I do think I could make better choices at times, but a fill won't fix that. Only I can do that.

5. I took Robyn's advice and watched My Week with Marilyn...loved it. I have always been a little obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. One year for Christmas The Rockstar had a bunch of pictures of her framed for me and we spent part of our Christmas break hanging all of them.

6. During my cleaning frenzy I found a gift certificate I got for Christmas for a mani and pedi....score!

7.  Did you see the video of Alicia Silverstone (from the movie Clueless) chewing up food and spitting it in her baby's mouth??? It totally grossed me out. She's not a freaking bird...humans have this nice little gadget called a food processor...she should get one.

8. I have come to the conclusion that I have the laziest, most spoiled babies ever. This is all they have done since I have been on spring break...

9.  The fact that I have had the energy to do everything I have done this week has been the biggest NSV I have had so far. I haven't spring cleaned my house during the past 2 spring breaks because I was simply just too tired and too sick. If I never lost another pound (which I really hope is not the case) I still wouldn't regret getting banded just because of how much better I feel now than I did this time last year.

10. The weather here has been almost summer like. Warm enough for shorts, but I didn't want to scare or blind anyone with my pasty white legs. I said I was going to go tanning this week, but that hasn't happened. I like being tanned, but I know the tanning bed is bad for me....what to do, what to do....


sweet addy said...

Your babies are so cute!

speck said...

Yeah, the thing with Alicia Silverstone weird!

Enjoyed reading.


Reggie said...

OMG about Alicia Silverstone. I went to a friend of my husband's a few months ago and one of their son's did this to his baby brother. YUCK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am having the same tanning debate myself. I promised myself two years ago that I woudl only tan in the sun and no more beds but.....I have this wedding in a few weeks..... Ugh!
Love the pictures and so glad you enjoyed the movie.
Your babies are wondering why you are home and inthe way of their nap times!

Laura Belle said...

Too cute on the babies!!!
And I love your MM pics!!

MandaPanda said...

Sounds like a VERY productive spring break! :)

trisha said...

omgggg your babies are ADORBS!! what are their names??

Lisa said...

I am doing handstands and backflips over those baby poodles. I'm a S-U-C-K-E-R for alllll poodles and have had them (or shall I say, they have had me) since I was a very little girl. My parents and even Zacks parents have them too. Obsessed much??!! Love !!!!!!

Andrea said...

Love the doggy pictures! I really need to watch that movie!