Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Recap and time to end the pity party

I hope all of y'all had a fabulous Easter! We didn't do anything at all. This is the first time since my boys have been alive that they didn't get a basket. It made me a little sad, but I just didn't think about getting the baskets together before surgery.

I went back to the PS on Friday. He did not feel comfortable taking out the left drain because it was still draining over 30 cc's in a 24 hour was actually double that. He removed my belly button stitches and told me to come back Monday to have the left drain removed.

At first I was going to go in and work a half day and the go to my appointment. After today, I just went ahead and called in for the whole day. For one thing, I don't feel comfortable about going to work with a drain coming out me. Especially not when I work with kids who want to hug you, bump into you, and may even see the drain bulb and freak out. Also, the area around the drain has been leaking so much today. I had to change clothes 3 times because it had gone through all of the bandages, as well as my clothes.

I am sick of this drain. I want it out. Actually, I am so over this whole process. I knew before going into this that it involved a long recovery process. I didn't realize that I would be so emotional about it. My feelings are getting hurt over the smallest things. It's crazy. And none of my pants fit over this binder. Am I going to have to go to work in sweats??? I don't think my boss would like that very much.

I thought these words would never pass my lips but....I will be glad when my appetite returns. I have not wanted to eat anything at all. Nothing sounds good to me. I have only been eating less that 500 calories a day, and I wouldn't even be near that if it weren't for my chocolate milk.

Ok, pity party is over. Tomorrow I am going to do my hair and make up. I am going to find something other than sweats that I can wear. When you look better, you feel better...that's my motto.

Have a great week!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Thanks to the fab Draz we have...

Five little questions we answer to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break!  Come join us and ENJOY!

1. What’s your first reaction when you get really angry?

First of all, I very rarely get angry. I really don't even remember the last time I was truly angry...I think it was some time back in November. Which is kinda funny, because in my younger days I was total hot head and would cuss and punch you in a heartbeat. I'm not sure when it started to change...maybe when Dr. Phil got his own show and I always thought he was talking directly to me through that screen :)

If I do get angry, my reactions are totally dependent on who or what I am angry about. At work I remain very calm and really think about what happened to cause my anger. If I am at home I may still spout off a few words of profanity and if I am really, really angry I start to cry...if I am crying out of anger, it is probably best to leave me alone for a while.

2. When is the last time you cried in sadness or in joy?

Now I may not get angry much, but I can cry at the drop of a hat. I cried yesterday. The Rockstar has been caring for me....emptying my drains, changing bandages, etc. All of sudden yesterday when I saw myself in the mirror I started crying. My belly is all swollen, I have an incision from hipbone to hipbone, I have a drain coming out of my left hip that is producing some pretty nasty looking stuff, I have been wearing sweats for 11 days straight )not the same ones of course), ugly granny panties, and oversized shirts. All of sudden when I thought about all that I burst into tears feeling like my Rockstar would never think I was beautiful again, let alone sexy.

I also cry just about anytime one of my boys sends me a sweet text message out of nowhere, or gives me a card with some special handwritten note in it.

Oh, and don't even get me started on Lifetime movies...that will start the waterworks for sure.

3. If the stars aligned and everything was perfect from your partner to your job and income and everything – how many kids would you choose to have?

The stars can do whatever they want...I do NOT want any more kids. Two was good for me. I had mine 8 years apart, so I really feel like it was two separate experiences. And I really think God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys. I don't think I could have handled girls.

4. If you won the lottery – what is the first purchase you’d make?

I would pay off my mother's mortgage and any bills she has....and set her up for retirement. That counts as a purchase since it's her house...right??

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

In blogland, I feel like I have gotten caught up with most things since I home all day and can read at my leisure. I have noticed quite a few new blogs and I think that is great! Blogging really helped me in the beginning of my journey...I hope others have the same great experience.

Real life was filled with doctor's appointments and trying to figure out why I was feeling so bad and getting a fever. I am so appreciative of all the comments, emails, and text messages of concern. I am feeling soooooo much better today. I have another appointment this afternoon to get my belly button stitches removed and hopefully the left drain will come out. I have not had a proper shower in over a week and would really like to be able to do that without a drain hanging from my neck on a lanyard.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

New bloggers (or new to me)

There have been a number of new bloggers lately. I love it. Here is one that was new to her some bloggy love :)

Two doctors later and an update

So I saw my plastic surgeon yesterday. He removed my right drain and said that everything looked great. He saw no sign of infection and my lungs sounded clear (he was afraid pneumonia was setting in and that is what was causing the fever). I asked if he was concerned about me having a fever and he said no.

We left his office and stopped for a late lunch. The Rockstar was starving (those are his words...I am sure he could have waited until we got home) and I wasn't even the least little bit hungry. I have had no appetite at all since having this surgery. So he ate a big meal and I got mine in a to go box.

By the time we got home my fever was up to 101 and I felt horrible. This morning I called my primary care doctor and went in to see him. After some blood and urine tests he determined that I have a kidney infection. He said it probably started off as a bladder infection (which he thought was from having a cath while I was in the hospital) and that over time I didn't realize I had a UTI because I felt bad all over...and it spread to a kidney infection.

Makes sense to lower back had been hurting really bad, but I just assumed it was from sleeping in the recliner. Any way, he prescribed me some antibiotics and hopefully I will feel better real soon.

I go back to the plastic surgeon tomorrow to get the left drain out and he will take the stitches out of my belly button. My primary care doctor was worried that next week was too soon to return to work, but I don't really have a choice. I took off for almost a whole week last week. This week didn't count against me since it was spring break. Since I have only been with this school system a year I haven't built up much sick time. Hopefully it will be fine.

The good thing about being down and out and sickly....I haven't been in Walmart (or any stores) and that means no Easter candy has made its way into my house, except for those Cadburry Mini Eggs that The Rockstar said was essential for my healing :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I spoke too soon...

When I said I was feeling great I spoke too soon. Last night right after dinner I started feeling like dookey. I was so cold I didn't think I would ever get warm again. Come to find out I had a temperature. My discharge instructions said to return to the hospital if my fever was over 101. It was 100.9. I know that is really close to 101, but I live an hour away from the hospital and I didn't want to just rush up there.

Through the night my fever fluctuated from 99 to 100.9. I really thought it would go away by today, but it has not been less than 99.8 all day. I called my doctor and they said to take Ibuprofen along with the pain pill (ummm, I haven't been taking the pain pills). I did what they said, but my fever still hasn't gone away. The doctor was afraid that pneumonia was setting in since I didn't have any other symptoms and my incisions don't look infected. Honestly, I don't think that's what it is...I am not coughing and I do not feel short of breath.

I have no idea the reason for this fever, but it has made me feel very sickly. I have been drinking plenty today, but have not eaten a bite...nor do I want to eat anything. I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully the fever will go away by then, and if not he will figure out what's causing it.

Until then, I am going to be a whiny butt baby and sit around complaining about how I feel like poop :(

Monday, March 25, 2013

It's the little things people :)

Good morning my little bloggy peeps :)

Today is 6 days post op from my tummy tuck. I am feeling really good. No real pain to speak of, but my back kinda hurts from having to always sleep on it. I went for my first post op appointment on Friday. He removed the nonworking pain pump. I had already detached the pain pump itself, but I had two wire looking things coming out of my body that had to be pulled out. He said everything looked as it should and to come back Wednesday to see about removing the drains.

The fluid retention/swelling with this surgery is no joke. The doctor said he removed 7.8 pounds between the tt and lipo, yet I weighed 10 pounds heavier. I am the only person I know who can have 8 pounds cut off their body and gain 10 pounds at the same time. I know I haven't really gained 10 pounds...I didn't even eat a bite for the first two days...but that means I am carrying around 18 pounds of fluid....yikes! I actually think I have lost some of that since Friday. My drains have been emptied several times a day and I have been peeing like a crazy woman on a Lasix drip. I may weigh myself today when The Rockstar bathes me and changes the bandages.

I am totally tired of this laying around crap. It gets old really fast. But I have to tell has been the little things that have kept me happy. The Rockstar has made sure that my cup is filled and I have everything I need right beside Cadburry Mini Eggs....

The fab Adorkbl sent me this cup a while ago :)
I have also only been wearing my favorite socks...
My recliner sits right beside a window. When I woke up this morning it was snowing!!!! Normally I would be all kinds of pissed off if it was snowing on my spring break. But.....since I have to be laid up and can't go outside any way, then I am thrilled to see a little snow...
And through all of this, I have had the cutest little nurse supervising all of my care...
I hope everyone is having a great Monday!!!! Toodles :)


Friday, March 22, 2013


These pain meds are making me crazy. I thought they were supposed to make you, negative. I sleep for about an hour then I am wide awake until it's time to take them again. So, I was happy to see that my little skittle lovin' Drazzie brought back BYOC :)

BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Crazy. Copy and paste the 5 little random questions below into your blog and give your own crazy answers! It gives your blogging brain a break every Friday and helps us all get to know each other better too!

Here we go!!
Technically it is now Saturday, but I'm sure my little Drazziepuff won't mind that I am a day late :)

1-What was your favorite cartoon as a kid? Is it still on today?
• I am a HUGE Snoopy fan. I have always loved that adorable little beagle. I even have a little Snoopy tattoo. I love all of the Peanuts Holiday Specials :)

2-Describe your favorite piece of clothing.

• Flip flops....duh :)

I also love, love, love to have lazy day Sundays. We all stay in our big butt pajamas all day. Plus, my sweats have been with me through thick and thin .....literally :)

3-In the hopes of convincing Summer to arrive – I’m asking this question. Name a summer tradition you currently have or a tradition you want to start for every summer.
• I always take a girls trip to the beach with one of my bff's. We go to Gulf Shores and always have so much fun!!!

The Rockstar and I have pool parties in the summer. It's usually a bunch of musicians and their families. I love it. The men always do most of the cooking (because, you know, they think a woman can't grill and I will keep on letting them think that so I get out of doing the cooking).

Since I don't work in the summer it is also a tradition on the last day of school to unplug my alarm clock and put it in the closet. I don't take it out until it is time for school to start back :)

4-For all of the newbie bloggers out there getting to know everyone – let’s answer this one. How long have you been blogging, what is your theme and how did you pick your name? Why did you start blogging? What kind of blogs are your favorite to read and follow?
• I started blogging in October, 2011 just prior to having lapband surgery. I had been blogstalking several people for months trying to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about lapband.

I guess my theme was originally supposed to be about the band and weightloss. However, I don't post a lot about that. I have never been one to have a "weigh in" day and I figured it was pretty boring to hear about the same things I was eating and my slow weightloss. I post more about my family, my job, and just everyday stuff.

I did a whole post on how I picked my

If you don;t feel like reading it I will paraphrase for you...I was working at an inner city school teaching kids who were emotionally disturbed or behavior disordered. They would say whatever popped in their mind...they had no filters. One of my students started calling me names one day and he called me "BigAss Barbie"...he was trying to piss me off, but I immediately said "awwww, you think I look like Barbie???? That is so sweet!" So the whole Barbie thing kinda stuck. I was getting banded. My husband is a I put all that together and got "RockBand Barbie".

My favorite blog to read....little Drazzie's of course :)

5-Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life for us:
• My week in blogland wasn't much...I posted once (other than today) and haven't had much time to read very many. Why you ask???? Because I had a tummy tuck on Tuesday. At first I was in too much pain to think about a blog, and then once they finally figured out that I had not had any pain meds they had me so drugged up I couldn't see straight enough to read blogs. I am doing fantastic now and will catch up on blogs over the next few days! Have a great weekend!

There you go!

That’s BYOC for this week!

Join in if you wish!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's buttfloss time

I have a new, flat tummy. I may start parading around in butt floss. That may also be the drugs talking.

Not gonna lie....the first 24 hours hurt like hell. Now, that may very well be because I had NO pain medicine for over 24 hours after surgery. Why, you ask??? Because the pain pump was defective and nobody figured that out for a full day. You would think they would have been measuring the jiuce in it, but apparently not. It was'nt until I said "hey, look here....this juice hasn't moved a bit and I have been pushing the hell out of this button. I am in pain dammit!" Then they finally gave me a pain pill. So, let me repeat that.....I went a full, agonizing, 24 hours after major surgery without one single drop of pain meds.

I am feeling much more comfortable now. I have been getting up and down like a champ. I go to the bathroom on my own. I have been sleeping in a recliner. I am soooooo glad I bought this recliner off of the list of craig.

I have been so very lucky to have one of my bff's here to take care of me. She had a full body lift years ago, so she was very familiar with how to empty drains and change bandages. She is going to help me take a shower today and I can not wait!!!

That's all I got for today. I need to go nap now.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Let's recap...

Well Tuesday is my big day. Just a few more days and I will have a sexy, flat stomach (or at least I hope so). I have done all of my shopping (jello, bandagaes, comfy clothes, etc) and now I just need to go get my pedi and clean my house really good.

Just like when I had lapband surgery everyone said "be sure you take before pictures". I didn't do that before lapband surgery and I can't really say that I regret it all that much. I absolutely hate looking at the very few pictures there are of me from the 2 years before I had surgery. This time I took the pictures. Ugggghhhhhhhhh....I was feeling pretty good about myself until I looked at those pictures. I will NOT be posting them on here. In fact, I don't care to ever see them again.

So, let's recap my journey thus far....

In August of 2010 my blood pressure became extremely high. So high that my diagnosis was "malignant hypertension". It landed me in ICU and at one time I was on more than 13 medications. A very vicious cycle began...the meds made me extremely tired and I laid around all the time...the more I laid around (eating mindlessly) the more weight I gained....the more weight I gained the higher blood pressure got....the higher my blood pressure got the more they upped my meds....then the cycle started all over again. By 2011 I had gained 60 pounds and felt like ass every single day.

In June, 2011 I went to a seminar for weight loss surgery. I decided I wanted to have the Sleeve, but the surgeon said I was not a candidate due to having Barrett's Esophagus. So, I decided on the lapband.

From June until November I jumped through all the insurance hoops. On November 7, 2011 I had lapband surgery. By my one year bandiversary (November, 2012) I had lost 75 pounds.

In January, 2013 I went for my first tummy tuck consultation. I liked the first doctor well enough, but he was not in my insurance network and I would have had to pay for everything. I went to another consultation with a very well known plastic surgeon at the same hospital where I had my lapband surgery. His office submitted everything to my insurance and they will pay for the skin removal, O.R., and anesthesiologist.

So that is where I am now. Surgery is Tuesday. Today is house cleaning and pedi day. Tomorrow is prepare meals for the family for the week. Monday I have to work and after work I am getting my hair done.

Whew, what a nice little journey this has been :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. It is official. My surgery date is March 19th. Yikes....less than two weeks away. I turned in my leave paperwork today. Just like when I had lapband surgery, I have read all kinds of blogs, boards and forums. A lot of people said they slept in a recliner for the first few days. I didn't have a recliner and I was afraid I wouldn't even be able to get in my bed since it sits up kinda high and I am only 5 ft tall and already have to climb to get in it. So, I bought a leather recliner from somebody off of the list of Craig. I will turn around resell it as soon as I know I can sleep in bed again.

2. The "thing" that was going on at work last week has still not been resolved. Actually, I found out today that the situation was even worse than I knew. Wish I could tell ya about it, but I can't. I will say that I totally think some people should not be working around kids. Ever.

3. So we know we are getting furloughed, but we still don't know the details. The rumor is that starting in April we will go to four day weeks (off on Friday) and our school year will end 2 weeks early. I am NOT looking forward to losing 20% of my pay, but I could totally handle having a 3 day weekend every week.

4. My band doctor said I did not have to have an unfill unless I wanted it. I am totally going back and forth about this. I don't want an unfill, but at the same time I know you retain fluid after a tummy tuck...fluid retention means a tighter band....a tighter band means possible stuck episodes....possible stuck means possible throwing up. Throwing up after a tummy tuck.....I don't want to even think about that.

5. I saw this thing on the news the other night about a study on the length of a woman's pointer/ring finger. The study showed that if you are a woman and your ring finger is longer than your pointer finger then you are more likely to make more money, be successful in business, etc. Something about because you have more testosterone. Since I saw that I have been obsessed with asking to see people's hands to see if their ring finger is longer or not. By the way, my ring finger is longer and I can promise you that doesn't mean I make a lot of money :)

6. I have to pay taxes this year. That sucks.

7. I have been eating Activia to "regulate" my body. That stuff is no joke.

8. This weekend the clocks spring forward. I love it when the days are longer, but I hate, hate, hate the thought of losing an hour of sleep.

9. I have already started my "vacation box"...I go to the beach with my one of my bff's every year in June. We stay in a condo, so we have to bring stuff like laundry detergent, paper towels, etc. I usually just go shopping all at once for that stuff (or wait until we get there) but I am so ready for a nice beach vacation that I have already completely paid for it and started packing.

10. I want/need a new purse. The problem with that is that I have got to be the world's pickiest person about buying a new purse. It's either too big, or too small, doesn't have a zipper compartment, has too many zipper compartments, the color isn't right, I don;t like the strap...blah, blah, blah.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Good news on a Monday!

I have told y'all that I am trying to get a tummy tuck. Well I got the news today.... My insurance approved!!!! Of course they will only pay for the skin removal portion, the OR, and the anesthesiologist...but that is a good chunk of change. I will have to pay for the muscle tightening and belly button myself (insurance doesn't see any "medical necessity" in a belly button).

The surgery date will be confirmed tomorrow. The plan is March 19th. Oh Emmm Geee....that is only two weeks away. I will only take 4 days off of work because we are on spring break the following week. I still have my student teacher until next week, so that gives me time to get sub plans together and have a couple of IEP meetings that I need to knock out so I don't have to worry about them later.

I honestly have no idea if I am supposed to get an unfill before surgery. I guess I need to check on that ASAP.

I hope everyone else had a great Monday too!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's like cake with no icing

I am not a big fan of cake, never have been. But I love me some icing. If you gave me a piece of cake without any icing on it, then it would be of no use to me....I wouldn't even consider eating it.

Today Mother Nature gave me a piece of cake with no icing. I have asked, danced for, begged, prayed for, and dreamed about a snow day this year. Well guess what??? It is snowing! But what good does that do me on a Saturday?????

Now I realize you have to look close to really see the snow, but on a weekday it would have been enough to close schools. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I really could have used a snow day this week. It was a very rough week at work. I can't go into details, but it is something very serious that I had to report, and it has weighed heavy on my mind all week. And if that wasn't bad enough now I am facing furlough and a 20% cut in my pay until September. I NEVER talk politics, and I won't begin now, but let's just say I am not a happy girl about this situation. Not just for me, because I will be fine, but for the military families who I know live paycheck to paycheck and already struggle to provide their family with basic necessities.

In the midst of my agony this week I thought it would be good idea to drown my sorrows in Chinese food. We got Chinese food on Wednesday night and again last night. I don't know what I was thinking. In my head I was telling myself that I deserved it because I had such a rough was crazy talk. Now I am all swollen and puffy from all that sodium and I am spending the day drinking water like a mad woman trying to flush all that out. I will be cussing myself as I make 5,673 trips to the bathroom today, but man oh man were those fried beef wontons so delicious :)