Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

Ten things Thursday, brought to us by the lovely Laura

1. It's already Thursday??? Normally I am thinking the week has gone by soooo slowly. With the excitement of my new job, this week has flown by!

2. I am still LOVING the new job. The people I work with have been so amazing, especially my assistants (did I tell you I have 3???). They just know what to do, and do it...without me even asking. It is such a breath of fresh air!

3. I used to wonder how my former kids had no clue that they lived in such chaos, with such dysfunctional families. It all made sense to me this week. I had no idea I had been in such a dysfunctional place until that I have seen what "normal" looks like, what it feels like. Now I understand that if you have never experienced "normal" then you don't realize you are "abnormal"...does that make sense???

4. You can take the girl out of the ghetto, but can you take the ghetto out of the girl??? I find myself immediately identifying a kid with a certain gang when I see the color of their shirt...these kids don't even know what a gang my right mind I know that, but it will take my brain a little time not to immediately identify clothing as one's "colors"

5. I flirt with the little guard men every morning when I drive on post :)

6. After next week I will have a week off for Spring Break. I hope the weather is as nice then as it is now (mid 80's here this week). If so, I am totally gonna get my tan on.

7. I had restraint training today. A group of us went to the food court on post for lunch. No great choices there for a bandster. I went to BK and got chicken tenders...BIG mistake. They were too heavily breaded and even though I chewed it to a pulp it did not work out for me. I only had one and had to go to the bathroom 4 times to throw up. I know my coworker had to wonder why I kept going to the bathroom. She didn't ask, and I didn't tell. I did discover today that I can throw up without making a sound...not even a peep.

8. My kids actually cook once a week. I did this when I taught life skills at my old school, but since I have been banded I have been in the behavior class...and we certainly didn't want them around knives and burners. My coworkers are all about eating. The refrigerator and freezer are fully stocked....canned biscuits, french fries, hot dogs...Lord help me.

9. Grey's is new tonight....finally.

10. My old school had coke real temptations for me. The new school has a Pepsi machine in the teacher's know what that means....Crack Juice (The Dew is a Pepsi product). You know what else that means???? I fell off the wagon :(


Sarah said...

I have no useful pearls of wisdom. My staffroom has tins of crackies. I try to work on the principle of once they are gone, I can eat no more but they mysteriously reappear. I don't think drink the machine dry will achieve the result you really want. Good luck though, temptation is hard. xx

Cat said...

Have to agree that the week went quickly. I was like really? Thursday already? Nifty.

Sorry about the Pepsi. I'm not a soda drinker so I cannot relate. Now if your lounge had red velvet whoopee pies...yeah, crack. : )

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I'm so glad your new job is going well!!

trisha said...

#3 makes total sense, unfortunately.

SO cool about your new job!! I've been so out of the blogger loop I didn't even know you GOT a new job! what the what?! I am a horrible BOOBS lol

going to catch up on your blog, NOW!...

Lisa said...

Crazy about the gang colors. Sounds like the schools are worlds apart which is frankly sad. You wonder how the cycle of poverty and crime never breaks... how can it when it's their norm. As far as the crack juice, STOP! Get back on the wagon promptly! Don't make it a habit :P

Banded With Favor said...

Yay for Spring break!!!! As for the can always get back on!!!;)

Laura Belle said...

I'm so happy the new job is going great!! And I know exactly what you mean by the normal vs abnormal thing. It's amazing, huh?

Damn Dew!!!!

Andrea said...

Glad you're loving your new job! And yay for spring break!

Ronnie said...

This week DID go by fast. Grey's wasn't all that this week, I don't know why... but I wasn't impressed. :/