Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catch up post

Has it really been a month since I have blogged <gasp>????? I guess I have just been busy with then end of semester stuff at work and then the holidays.

There isn't much to catch you up on for the last month. I worked, I shopped, I ate. We had a potluck at work every single day for the last week we were there. So glad that is over. I gained a few pounds over the month, putting me back at 73 pounds lost. I am totally back on track now and not a bit worried about it.

Christmas was great around here. We spent Christmas Eve at my mother's house with my sister and her family (not the sister I haven't talked to, but my oldest one). The room was filled with presents and we all had a great time eating dinner together and opening gifts.

 The boys got way too much. The big boy got an Ipad, a new Iphone, shoes, clothes, and some DVD box set he had been wanting. The Boy got some fancy schmancy microphone, some fancy recording program (he is becoming an audio engineer), clothes, and some other small things. The Rockstar has always gone crazy at Christmas with the boys. He was also very good to Ipad Mini, 2 necklaces, a ring, Kohls gift card, perfume, and a stocking full of goodies.

Harleigh loved her first Christmas. She got lots of new toys and treats. She took her first road trip to visit The Rockstar's family. She was so good in the car and during the entire visit. I couldn't ask for a better behaved baby...until she gets back home.


We have been sleeping late every day of our break. It has been wonderful!

We are having a small New Year's Eve party. We have one every year. I like hosting the party so I don't have to get out and drive any where.

I have a consultation next week for a tummy tuck. I needed a tummy tuck even before I was ever overweight. I have no idea if insurance will pay for any of it or not. Either way, I plan on eventually getting one. I am looking at possibly doing it over spring break.

Well that's all I really got for this catch up post. Toodles!