Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten things Thursday, brought to us by the lovely Laura

1. Today was my last day with kids. It was bittersweet. Some of these kids have never had any consistency in their lives...and I feel like I just added to that.

2. When I walked into my room today this is what was waiting for me...

3. It is a chess pie. For all you non southerners who may not know what a chess pies's a small piece of southern heaven. The best way I know how to describe what it tastes like would be to say it tastes like a sugar cookie in a pie version...lots of sugar, butter, and eggs. One of my students had brought it in for me. Wasn't that super sweet??

4. I only allowed myself one piece and I shared the rest.

This is actually all I ate out of that piece...

It's not that it wasn't good...but it was first thing in the morning and my band was just not going to allow any more than that.

5. My kids made me feel so loved today that I started to second guess my decision...until I walked down the hall into a cloud of marijuana smoke. Two hours later I smelled a burning smell through out the halls...and then saw a fire truck. Apparently some kids had set a teacher's bulletin board on fire. Yep, I made the right decision.

6. I still have to work tomorrow. It's a teacher planning day (no kids). I packed all my stuff today and even had the kids load my car, so I'm not real sure what I will do tomorrow.

7. WTF....Grey's Anatomy is a rerun again this week!!!! Do these people not realize that I purposely have no life on Thursday nights just because of the show?? I won't even allow The Rockstar to have band practice here on Thursday's because I don't want my show interrupted.

8. Speaking of The Rockstar, I told him he deserves to be bitch slapped. This is what he brought home...into my house....on my kitchen table...

People, I have managed to run from those little cookie terrorists for a over a month now. I thought I was in the clear. Then, BAM...he does this to me.

9. The Rockstar gives private drum lessons to high school/middle school kids. He started lessons with a new kid a couple of weeks ago. His mom said she was trying to lose weight and she would probably just walk around our neighborhood while his lesson was going on. I told her I would totally go with her...happy to have a walking buddy now :)

10. I am 54 days clean and sober from the crack juice!


Lisa said...

Crazy about the day at the school. Very sweet that they brought you a homemade pie but the fire and pot, sheesh!!

I feel ya on the Girl Scout cookies. Except I am to blame. Way before my band, I preordered 4 boxes. 2 Thin Mints and 2 Samoas. I am happy to say my mister ate a whole box of the thin mints. I had about 6 cookies total over the past month (in increments of 2). The Samoas remain untouched! LOL

Have a good NON work day tomorrow. Just bring a book LOL

A.J. said...

I wanna put my face in that Chess pie.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I am so pissed off about Greys!!! UGH

Good luck in your new job.

Melissa Wolf said...

I know that bittersweet feeling but it sounds like you're more than ready for a change! Good luck!!

Vanessa said...

Tagalongs are my this day I have managed to avoid them for the year...Mo knows better than to bring them in the house ~ he hides them in the car! ha!
Yay for staying clean off the Dew!

MandaPanda said...

Do you want me to come over and slap Rock Star for you? Hubby threatened to break open the pack I have in my freezer that are waiting patiently for me until Easter. I nipped that in the bud. I LOVE walking/workout buddies. They make it so much more fun! I'd call in sick todau...what are they gonna do? Fire you? I think not.

Ronnie said...

UGH! I hate when Grey's is a re-run, first of all.

Second, the RockStar is evil. I've successfully avoided the GS cookies this whole season... it's a miracle!

Congrats on staying "clean." :)

jennxaz said...

glad to see you did not inhale or those GS cookies may have been gone ---- LOL That pie looks devine!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Oh. My. GOSH. Chess pie and cookies. And you're still fighting them off? You are my hero. I can't even begin to tell you how deadly girl scout cookies are to me. I seriously bought 200-300 dollars worth of Thin Mints one year b/c I had anxiety of not having enough. I'm literally like a crack addict to Thin Mints. But admittedly tagalongs are a close second . And then Samoas. I must stop talking about them now!!! I admire you so much!

stephanee said...

I knew there was a reason I hadn't visited your blog since porn! So yummy looking :)

My Girl Scout cookie crack was the Samoas. I'm so pathetic I learned how to make them at home so I could have them when the Scouts weren't selling them. *hangs head in shame*