Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. This week has been very stressful at work. My kids don't take the big state assessments, they are assessed through a portfolio that has to include pictures, descriptions of activities, their present levels of performance and a whole bunch of other crap. This data for the portfolios was collected before I started working there (I came in the during the middle of the data collection window), but I was the one who had to put them together...which is kinda hard to give a description of what was done when I wasn't there at the time.

2. The former teacher in my class was VERY A.D.D. He might understand his system of organization, but I certainly didn't. He had these pictures in 9 different places on the computer, between 3 different drives. Since they were only labeled by dates I had to go through each folder every time I was looking for pictures on a specific child.

3. My assistants were so helpful to me that I bought each a $15 gift card to Subway and put it in a thank you card. I am also taking them doughnuts in the morning...good thing none of them have the band :-)

4. My mother has been on vacation this week. I totally need her to go back to work (or take my house key away from her). She has done all of my laundry, changed my beds, cleaned The Boy's bathroom and his room, dug up my monkey grass and replanted it (it needed to be thinned out), and mopped the floor. The woman has no idea what "vacation" means. Oh...and she made me a chocolate pie, and yeas she knows I am banded...wth was she thinking??? My assistants may get a lovely chocolate pie too.

5. I am being observed for the first time at my new school next week. I have no idea what the observations at this place are like. I do now they use the observation to decide if you come back next year.

6. I haven't lost any weight in a couple of weeks. I know it is because I am not eating enough. I have been so busy with these portfolios that I haven't been taking time to eat. I have been getting less than 700 calories a day, except on weekends.

7. We are getting ready to have storms and I will be totally pissed if the electricity or cable goes out during Grey's Anatomy.

8. I am back on the crack juice

9. The Rockstar and The Boy are going out of town this weekend. Is it sad that all I have planned is to clean the house and grocery shop while they are gone?? You don't have to answer that...I already realize how lame it is.

10. Even though I have lost nearly 50 pounds I still have a big ole ba donkeydonk, ghetto booty. I am completely ok with it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting my Vitamin D on...and WTF Wednesday

So I have been going to the tanning bed this week. I had wondered if you got Vitamin D from the tanning bed or if it had to be from actual sunlight. Well my tanning bed place answered that question for me. Here is what is on their door...

I haven't been to the tanning bed in 2 years. Partially because my mom had melanoma a few years ago and that was in the back of my mind, and partially because I was afraid my fat ass might break the bed.

I had forgotten just what a comedy routine it is when I go to the tanning bed.

I am not one of those people who can just lay down in the tanning bed and stay in that position the entire time.

At times I raise my arms...I don't want white arm pits.

At other times I am holding Thelma and Louise (the girls), because if I don't, they shade my neck and chest.

Then I might lay on my side...I don't want a white stripe down my side.

Then I flip over and lay on my stomach.

And the last minute or two I am in there I sit straight I don't have the white line under my butt cheeks (note to self, remember to put the towel between your legs when you do this from now on).

Oh, and the whole time I am doing the tanning bed olympics I am smiling. Why, you ask?? Because the tanning bed lights will whiten your teeth. Yep, I get my money's worth when I go tanning.

And did I mention I am doing all of this while wearing a solar cap?? I wear a solar cap so that my already processed bleach blonde hair doesn't get any blonder. Here is what my very fashionable solar cap looks like...

Ok, so here are today's events at the tanning bed...

The tanning bed was very busy tonight. I had to wait, which I didn't really mind since I can strike up a conversation with any random person in the waiting area.

When the tanning bed is super busy I get undressed and redressed in lightening speed...because I know some people hate to wait.

After my tanning bed cut off I jumped up and got dressed at lightening usual...not even glancing in the mirror before I walked out.

So today I was having a good image day. I was having a good hair day, I had on a cute outfit, and now that I have a little color to me I was feeling kinda cute.

I walked out of my room and the first person I saw waiting on a tanning bed was a big, buff, sexy, tanned man.

As soon as I walked out he made direct eye contact with me and flashed me a huge smile. Oh my....I think that man is flirting with me....after all I am looking uber cute today ;-)

So I flashed him my biggest, flirty smile and even batted my eyes a little.

As I walked on past I knew I could just feel his eyes checking out my booty.

Oh yeah, this muscle man wants me for sure.

When I got to the door I caught a glimpse of my own reflection.


I was in such a rush to get dressed I forgot to take the effing solar cap off!!!!!

Now I know why Mr. Sexy was smiling from ear to ear....and that's my WTF Wednesday.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Happenings

My weekend has been a good one.

I can't say that I ate healthy this weekend.

Or cleaned my house.

Or did my laundry.

Or did any yard work.

Or completed any lesson plans.

But I did spend time with The Rockstar, The Boy, and The Big Boy.

And that made it all good.

Our town has a street festival every year in April in our down town area. There's lots of food, music, people, and fun.

The Rockstar's band played there this year. Both the boys were there to watch their dad that my boys hang out together even though there is a big age difference between them.

I can't say that his music is my fave, but I enjoyed the show....and even had to giggle at the little groupie girls.

As with any street fair, fair food was all around. I love fair food and all it's greasy goodness.

And of course, they had my crack puffs there...

It turned off cold here, so I didn't go back downtown yesterday. The Rockstar went for a few hours to see a few bands while I stayed home in my big butt pj's napping. When he got home we went out for a late lunch date at a local Mexican restaurant. It was yum-o!!

Afterwards we grocery shopped for the week. The Rockstar is a total food pusher in the grocery store. I think I took as much food out of the buggy as I put in. He was putting in my crack puffs (I took them out), cookies, chips, and doughnuts.

I am not a coupon clipper...have never clipped a coupon in my life. Someone (who obviously is a coupon clipper) went around randomly leaving coupons by certain things. I found coupons by several things that I buy. I'm not sure why, but I was happy about finding those coupons. I don't think it was necessarily because of the dollar I was going to save, I think it was more just because it was a random act of kindness that I felt was left just for me.

I am not a total brand whore, but there are some things that I will only use one brand and my secret coupon fairy seemed to know just what those things were....

After the grocery shopping was done the Rockstar took a nap and I went and got my fingers and toes done.

When I got home The Rockstar and I spent some "quality time" together ;-)

The night ended as we fell asleep watching movies all snuggled up under the covers.

This morning I got served breakfast...bacon, eggs, and biscuits (I didn't partake in the biscuits).

It's been a great weekend!

In unrelated news, I planned a trip to the beach for my birthday with 2 of my friends. The Rockstar calls us "The Boobtourage"

I get out of school the day before my birthday and we are leaving late, late that night. I am soooo way excited!

I am getting ready to go to the fake and bake and get my tan on....gotta be good and tanned when I go to the beach :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Around the world in 3 days

I have been in training all this week. In special ed there is A LOT of paperwork to do and we are going to a completely new system for all that paperwork. The bad news is... I am lost as last year's Easter egg. The good news is everyone else since it's to new to them too.

Since this system is specifically for special ed paperwork, the entire special ed department for our school is also at this training. In case you didn't know, most teachers hate any kind of inservice. I, myself, have even referred to these days as Teacher Hell. However, the one thing that we all usually like about it is that we get to eat out for lunch like grown ups. Or at least that was the part I loved before getting banded.

In the past 3 days I have been to a Greek restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, and a Mexican restaurant.

By now everyone  in my department knows I am banded, so I no longer get any questions about why I didn't eat very much, or why I am not drinking any thing. Thank goodness...because I had a ton of food left on my plate each day.

I still feel like I am in the learning process for eating out. It has not been easy. I feel like I waste way too much food. I know I spend too much money on food I don't eat. Thankfully my co workers are not shy about just eating what they want off my the fried rice I soooo wanted to eat, but knew that would not go so well.

Tomorrow it's back to the classroom as usual. I think I shall steer clear of the scale for several days.

Friday, April 13, 2012


BYOC..brought us by the fab Draz
It’s Friday, my Skittles! That means it’s time for BYOC. Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer 5 questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy to your own blog and enjoy!

1. Whether you’re a parent or not….what do you think the appropriate age is to talk to a child about “the birds and the bees”?

I started talking to both of my boys at a very early age about gender differences and sex...but always tried to keep it "age appropriate".  I never wanted the topic of sex to seem "taboo" in our house. I had my first son when I was very young (not even old enough to drive) and I did NOT want my own children to become teenage parents. Both of my boys have had sex (they are 18 & 26) and both of them felt comfortable enough to tell me when they lost their virginity...and both of them practiced safe sex. I think it makes it much easier to talk about it when the talks start at an early age.

2. What’s the color scheme in your bedroom?

My walls are painted a color called "stonehenge" and my comforter is gold and dark purple/plummish color. The frames of the pictures on the wall are black.

3. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use on your hair?

I have several different kinds of shampoo/conditioner. I have a cosmetology license and although I don't do hair any more (except for family) I keep up my license mainly so I can shop at the beauty supply store for much cheaper than what the good stuff costs in the salon. Here are a few of the things in my shower now...

4. And since it’s nearly summer time…do you paint your own toes, go some place for pedicures or not paint your toes at all? What’s your fave toe color?
In the summer I go get a pedicure about every two weeks and I like very shocking bright pink. In the winter I only go about once a month and I usually go with a hooker red color.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week!

This week was really busy at work...meetings for all the upcoming 6th graders. Home life was ok. The Boy worked every night except one, so I feel like I never see him since I am usually in bed by the time he gets home from work. The Rockstar had several tennis matches (he is a tennis coach) this week, and band practice last I feel like I haven't seen him much either.
Since I have been the only one home in the afternoons all the housework (laundry, cleaning, etc) has been left up to me, which has left little time for keeping up in the blog world.. Only 6 more weeks and I will have all day to keep up with blogs. ...if I can drag my big butt off my float long enough to check them :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I haven't blogged since last weeks Ten Things Thursday. I also haven't totally kept up on reading blogs this week either. I never have time at work and when I get home it's filled with fun and exciting things like laundry, cleaning, and paying bills.

2. I went to my regular doctor for the first time since getting banded today. He commented on how much weight I have lost and asked me how I did it. wrote the letter and ordered the tests for me to get lapband.

3. According to his scales/records I have lost 48 pounds.

4. I totally forgot to blog on my 5 month bandiversary. It was on Saturday. I was hoping to be at a 50 pound loss at the 5 month mark....but I am totally ok with the 48.

5. I made The Rockstar open our pool and start to get it ready since it had been so warm. Now it has been in the low 30's at night this week. I guess I won't be in the pool any time soon.

6. I love my new job, but I swear these people love to find a reason to eat. I have been there 5 weeks (and one of those was Spring Break) and they have had after school "social gatherings" 4 times that have involved a huge cake, brownies, chips, cookies, candy, pastries, soft drinks, punch, and much, much more.

7. Usually by this time of the year I have ordered a few swimsuits. I know a lot of people usually only have one, but since I wear one every day I usually have 5 or 6. I can't order any yet because I have no idea what size I wear. I do know that the ones I wore last year will big too big. I think I even have 2 or 3 with the tags still on them that will be too big. Maybe I will drag them out soon and post them for giveaway.

8. I am meeting some friends for dinner and drinks Saturday night. None of them have seen me since August when we all attended a teacher inservice together....48 pounds ago.

9. I have been totally sucking at the whole water thing lately.

10. Just in case you were wondering....Grey's is a new episode tonight :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1. Today is my Friday!!! I love 3 day weekends!

2. I have no big plans for Easter. I miss the kids being younger. We used to have a huge Easter egg hunt  at my mom's for my kids and their cousins, but they are all grown now and one of my sisters lives in another now it's just my own little family. I still make Easter baskets for the boys and The Rockstar...I suppose I always will.

3. I am still totally having a debate with myself about going to the tanning bed. My mother had Melanoma several years ago and since then I think twice before I go to the tanning bed. Oddly enough, I never think twice about laying my big butt in the pool, in the direct sunlight, in the middle of the day.

4. I always "pose" for divers license pics, ID's, etc. I slightly turn my head to the left because my right side is my best side. I am friends with a few of you on facebook...if you look at my pics you will notice this "pose".  I had to have two ID's made for my new job. One for the school and one to get on base every day. I had the one to get on base made this week. The man who made the ID cracked up when he took my picture. He said he thought he camera was tilted until he saw my drivers license pic and school ID (I had to show both before they would make the ID) then he realized there was nothing wrong with his was just my signature pose. I figure if I have to have the same ID for 3 years I might as well smile and pose for the picture on it :)

5. I had to go to some different schools the other day with coworkers to do file reviews of upcoming students for next year. Afterwards we went to lunch. Since I don't know what all is in base I pretty much agreed to where ever they decided. I didn't know until we got there that it was a first buffet since being banded. What a waste of money.

6.  MFP really makes me mad when it tells me how much I would weigh in 5 weeks. It is a big fat liar and I never weigh what it tells me I would in 5 weeks.

7. It has been nearly 90 here most of the week. I told The Rockstar he better hurry up and get the pool opened or he was gonna be fired as my pool boy.

8. I still haven't done my taxes. I procrastinate about it every year. I am really, really gonna try to get on that this weekend.

9. I must look suspicious. For 3 days in a row the little guard men at the gate have made me get out of the car and let them in my trunk. They randomly stop people and make them do that, but they got me 3 days in a row!!

10. In case you are wondering...Grey's is a new episode tonight!!! I personally don't think this season has been very good...maybe it's because they show one new episode then leave me hanging for 3 doesn't intrigue me, it only pisses me off.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Retail Therapy

My weekend has been very relaxing and pretty much all about me.

It started with a mani/pedi.

As you can see, I already broke out the flip flops...I have actually been wearing them for a couple of weeks now. On the news last night they said we officially had the warmest March in the history of keeping record of temperatures (since 1908 I think). I am hoping April is just as warm because once I break out the flip flops I tend to not wear regular shoes again until atleast September or October.

I will be the first one to admit that I have a slight addiction to wearing and buying flip flops and sandals. The last time I counted (some time last year) I had about 30 pair. This weekend I decided to feed my addiction a bit.

I got these...

And these....

And these...

And lastly, these...

Today is my last day of spring break....tomorrow it's back to reality.