Saturday, March 24, 2012

Closet purge, Round 1

As I told you in my Ten Things Thursday I had a bad habit of buying clothes that were too big for me assuming that one day I would need them. I would like to be able to say that I have cleaned out both closets, but that would simply be a lie. I did, however, gather all of the clothes from the bottom of my closet that were still in bags (with the exception of one shirt) and I am giving them away! Please excuse the fact that they are I said, they have been in a bag at the bottom of my closet for a year. I love you all, but not enough to iron for ya :)

If you want any of these items email me ( your full name and address and I will mail them out some time next week. It's first come first serve and I will edit the post to let you know when something has been taken.

1. Danskin Capri Pants, Size XL (16/18). They can be unrolled to be full length pants. As you can see I was too lazy to roll one side up. New, with tags. Taken

2. Just My Size Khaki Cargo Capri's, Size 18. New, with tags. Taken

3.  Basic Edition Black Classic Fit Capri's, Size XL. New, with tags Taken

4.Just My Size Cargo Capri, Size 18. The color on the tag says "Olive Oak" New, with tags. Taken

5. Very casual (sweat pants material) Faded Glory Capri, Size 18. I have no idea what to call this color....brownish?? New, with tags. Taken

6.  Over the shoulder boulder holder...a.k.a Bra. Playtex Secrets, size 40 DD. Fuchsia. New, with tags.

7. Cato blouse. Size 18/20. I love this blouse, but it is way too big for me so I must let go :( New, with tags Taken

8. Apt 9 Blouse. Size XL. New, no tags. Taken

9. Cato Blouse. Size 18/20. Not new. I wore it several times last summer. Taken

10. Kim Rogers Blouse, Size XL. Lime green. New, with tags. Taken

That's all for now. Anything that doesn't go by the time I am ready to mail out with go to Goodwill.


Lala Loses said...

I would LOVE Just My Size Khaki Cargo Capri's, Size 18. New, with tags. - how much? Thank you!

Kelli said...

what a great way to purge, doesn't it feel great? I gave away about 12 bags of clothes so far...

speck said...

Great taste in clothes! Just be sure to have some clothes for Chicago! lol

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Awesome!! I think I'm going to sell some things on ebay too!

Andrea said...

That's so nice of you to do that! A.J. sent me some clothes awhile back and it helped out so much!