Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yo, Yo,'s Ten things Thursday!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. In exactly one week I will be sitting in Chicago with complete strangers (unless of course I some how mange to get really lost and can never find those strangers...which trust me, is a very real possibility for me).

The Boy is still convinced that I am really going to meet a bunch of Craigslist  Killers and he will never see me again. The Rockstar is just worried about if I will be going grocery shopping before I leave.

2. I have seen at least like 3 people post that they hope it's cold enough in Chicago to wear boots. I will not be one of those boot wearing gals. I am not ready to put socks and shoes on on my piggies just yet. It was 48 degrees when I left the house this morning and yes, I still had on my flip flops.

Even if I did like wearing socks and shoes I wouldn't be wearing boots. I am 5 foot nothing and most of that is body, not legs. If I put boots on I look like a Oompa Loompa.

3. I took my kiddos bowling today. My kids have no trouble beating me at bowling. They have also learned that when I have the ball in my hands it's a good idea not to be within 25 feet behind me. Some how I mange to throw the ball behind me....often.

4. Did you watch the Big Brother season finale last night???? It was a nail biter. Dan played a sneaky game, but I am glad he didn't win it...I don't like him.

5. I hate that the days are getting shorter. I have overslept for the past two mornings. I only seem to do that when it is still dark when my alarm goes off. And I hate driving to work in the dark.

6. Speaking of alarm clocks someone please tell me that I am not the only one who tries to play mind tricks on themselves my setting the time way ahead. I don't know why I do mind is not tricked, not even for a second. I also set my alarm for a whole hour before I have to really get up. The snooze button is not enough for me. If I woke up and thought I only had 10 more minutes to sleep I would be pissed off about it the rest of the day. I need at least an hour warning that I am going to have to drag myself out of bed.

7. My hair may have thinned out some since surgery, but it certainly has not stunted the how fast it grows. I have to color my hair every two weeks. I get it foiled and cut every six weeks. As a matter of fact, I went and got the mop worked on yesterday. My hair acts crazy the first two weeks after cut, then for two weeks it's perfect, then for two weeks it's crazy again. I go get it done and we start all over again.

8. The good thing about Fall/Winter is that I love winter time food...beef stew, chili, homemade chicken soup. I don't know why I think I can't eat any of these foods in the summer.

9. The Boy has always been a prankster. Over two years ago he gorilla glued a quarter to the street in front of our driveway. It is STILL out there. Just this week I have seen 3 different people out walking their dogs who tried to pick up that quater. It cracks me up every time. That gorilla glue is no joke.

10. Ha, ha. You thought I was going to go a whole post and not mention Harleigh....tricked ya suckerssss...

Harleigh is such a good girl in the car. She doesn't cry or anything. Actually, she is just like baby...she goes right to sleep in the car.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Step away from the apple fritter and noone will get hurt

See this....

I have been walking around with it since 7:00 this morning. I told you the people I work with love to eat. We had another potluck today. One of my homies in my department brought in these apple fritters. He made sure I got one before he put them in the teachers lounge. Thanks Homie. Just what I need...a delicious, mouthwatering, make ya wanna slap yo mammy, 50,000 calorie apple fritter.
It is now almost 12 hours later and I have not touched it. I have looked at it, sniffed it, and I think even petted it at one point....but I have not eaten it.
Now if I can just make it until The Boy gets home from work so he will eat it and I can forget about it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Mishmash

It's all I can mange is a bunch of mishmash. Y'all will just have to excuse me. I would have said a Million things Monday....but I really don't have a million random things to say.

First things first.

I got a gift in the mail Friday!!!! I love getting random gifts in the mail!!! My Adorkably Delish friend sent me this...

Isn't it just so very cute???? I love it!
Can I just tell you that my eyes are way bigger than my stomach?? I always cook a big meal on Sunday. I usually put my food on a kid plate and everyone else gets the grown folks plates. Yesterday by dinner time I was so hungry that in my mind I could have eaten the ass end out of horse. It's one of my struggles...waiting too long to eat, then trying to eat  my weight in food.
This was my plate when I sat down yesterday...
This was my plate when I was finished...

Thank you oh so much dear band of mine! Oh, and in case you are wondering...that is fried corn in the little bowl. If you have never have good ole southern fried corn you don't know what you're missing. Trust me, it is NOT healthy...but damn I love it so.

I have a departmental meeting every Monday afternoon. These people love some junk food. This is what our conference room table looks like at every meeting (if not worse)....

Lord help me.

One of my parents brought in 10 cans of Pringles for the kids today (10 for 10 sale??? IDK). I let the kids have some of them at snack time. Yes, I did have some....but only because I couldn't resist teaching the kids how to do the original duckface....

You didn't think I could go through an entire post and not talk about Harleigh did you?? She got some new clothes this weekend...

Happy Monday y'all!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. The other night while I was taking my night time meds I accidentally dropped the open bottle in the sink. Every one of the pills fell straight down the drain. I had just had the bottle filled a week ago. I figured I would just stop taking that medication....probably not the brightest idea I have ever had (it is a heart medication). After not taking the medication for two nights I woke up this morning and my heart was racing so fast I thought it was going to beat right out of my chest. I promptly called the pharmacy and they worked it out with my insurance and refilled it. We will NOT tell my mother about this little incident....I would surely get a tongue lashing.

2. Today was picture day at school. They told everyone not to wear anything with any green in it because they use a green screen so that you can choose from 12 different backgrounds. I preached and preached at my kids all week about not wearing anything green. I even wrote notes in all of their planners telling their parents to be sure they didn't wear any green.

I got to school this morning and only then remembered that it was picture day. I had on a shirt that had some green in it. My picture may or may not look like just a floating head.

3. I made chocolate chip cookies for my aides last night. I went back and forth in my mind about whether or not I should eat one. At the exact moment I took a bite of one my phone was  Sandra. Figures a fellow bandster would bust me out :)

4. Tomorrow during math class we are working on measurement. Who wants to measure something for no reason??? Not me. And not my kiddos. So we are making smoothies/shakes. I got the recipe for an Orange Julius. If you have never had one it's like a yummy dreamsicle kinda shake.

5. Harleigh is adjusting quite well with our family. She is so stinkin cute. And funny. She loves to play. Unfortunately, she doesn't yet realize that I don't like to play at 3:00 am. I try to get mad at her but she is so cute I just can't.

6. Can you believe I got all the way to number 5 without talking about the baby?? Yeah, I can't believe it either. It took great restraint not to start #1 with Harleigh. By #5 I couldn't hold it in any longer.
7. The Rockstar totally hates it when people post those duckface pics of themselves on fb. For pure aggravation today I sent him a duckface pic :)
8. The Rockstar surprised me a new laptop two days ago. I haven't used it yet. I know this may sound crazy, but I have to get used to having something new. I won't even wear new clothes until I have them at least a week or two.
9. Why do I love Honey Boo Boo so much??? I just can't help it. When I watch it I just laugh and laugh and laugh. And who doesn't like to laugh??
10. Speaking of tv...only two weeks from today for Grey's! And how awesome is it that I will be watching it with Ronnie??


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I ran today

No work for me today. I was to busy running. I ran, and ran, and ran....all the way to the bathroom. Multiple times. I am pretty sure it was a 5K.

I am feeling better now, but I don't think I will be eating any solid food tonight.

I had my own personal nurse today...isn't she cute??

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another girl stole The Rockstar's heart

Yesterday The Rockstar lied to me. He told me he was going to meet with his band. That was a lie.

He went to meet a girl for the first time.

And then her brought her to my house.

I was so mad.

But how could I stay mad when this is what she looks like....

Meet my new baby....Harleigh Rayne
She is so adorable. I tried to stay mad, but she melted my heart with that first little puppy kiss.
She slept through the night and has been playing all morning. She is taking her morning nap now.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...Picture Edition

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. Things with 1 of my aides has not gotten any better since the beginning of the week. I hate it when someone is mad at you (for reasons that still aren't real clear to me) and instead of just telling you what the problem is they talk loudly to other people about you. The comment today : "I guess she thinks she's all that." Why yes, I am all that...and a bag of chips. So there.

2. Why does gas gotta be so expensive???? It makes me mad when it is one price in the mornings (and I don't stop to get gas) and then like way more in the afternoon (when I have to stop or I will be walking home).
3. Is it wrong that if I pass stinky gas in class that I blame it on one of the kids???
4. I had to take Austin to the vet yesterday. My poor baby has a hemorrhoid. Did you even know that dogs get hemorrhoids?? I didn't. But it did completely freak me out when I noticed it yesterday. I went straight to vet with him.
My vet's office has this hanging in one of the exam rooms...
So true. So very true.
5. I totally forgot to tell y'all...I went shopping this past weekend and guess what size shirt I bought???

6. I will be so glad when this election is O-V-E-R! I am so sick of reading political opinions and rants on fb. Yesterday someone posted this as their status update: "Just so you know, if you plan to vote for Obama you might as well unfriend me now, because anyone who would be stupid enough to vote for him shouldn't be a friend of mine" Wow....really??? All of your friends must have the exact same opinion and views that you do??? are right, we don't need to be friends. And for the record I would have felt the exact same way if "Obama" had been replaced with "Romney".

7. You know how there is always that one person in an office who has a candy basket/jar that you just can't resist?? Well,  I have become known as the teacher who has the chocolate. Several teachers in the building have started coming in my room to hit up my stash nearly every day. I don;t just means that I am not eating it all by myself :)

8. I like ice in my drinks. And I like to eat ice. And I am a total ice snob. The hospital has grade A ice...but I don't wanna hang out in the hospital just to get ice. Sonic has grade A ice too. Did you know that at some Sonic's you can buy ice by the bag?? Yep, it's true. The other day I also found out that Zaxby's has pretty good ice too...
9. I have some kind of cyst or something on my leg. At first I thought it was an ingrown hair or possibly some kind of bug bite, but it never went away (after like 6 months) and I went to the doctor about it a few weeks ago. He wasn't sure what it was either. He gave me antibiotics (because isn't that their answer for everything???) and an antibiotic cream. He said to come back in 2 weeks if it wasn't gone and he would have to refer me to a surgeon. It still hasn't gone away, but I keep forgetting to call and make another appointment.
My mother freaks out about my health stuff. She has had 3 kinds of cancer (breast, ovarian, and melanoma) and thinks every every bump, spot, or cough I get could be cancer. Is it sad that I am 42 years old and my mom still has to tell me when to go to the doctor??
10. I can't believe I have already been back at work for over a month. I miss summer. Why can't I just get paid for doing this...


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I hate Monday's on a Tuesday

I love 3 day weekends, but I hate the Tuesday after them.

Two of my aides were very pissy today. I have no idea why (well actually I do, but it is so stupid I am trying hard to think that they couldn't actually be that petty) but they actually ignored me most of the day. I don't know why people can't just say when they are mad about something. Whatever. Maybe they can manage to unwad their panties by tomorrow.

I was a bad, bad, bad girl over the long weekend. I will neither confirm nor deny if the weekend involved an apple fritter the size of my head, twice baked potatoes, Pringles potato chips, and a river of Mountain Dew.

Today it was back to business. I drank lots of water out of my new cup....

I bought it when I went shopping this weekend. Of course it is my luck that after I was done shopping ($150 later) my car wouldn't start. The Rockstar came to my rescue. I had to get up Monday morning and go buy a battery. Wish I had known that I needed a battery BEFORE I went and spent my mad money for the week.

In unrelated news, I put in for my leave for the Boobs trip today. I had to list the reason for the leave. I so wanted to write "Boobs trip" but since I need to keep my job, I refrained :)