Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Closet Purge, Round 2

My spring break has not been much of a break at all. I have cleaned closets, cabinets, drawers, nooks and crannies.

I have come to several conclusions after all this cleaning. One, I am a bigger pack rat than I would like to admit. You know how when you see someone who hoards food you assume that at some time in their life they went hungry?? Well if you had been at my house this week, you would assume that at some point in my life I had to walk around butt naked. Not true, but that is what you would have thought.

This morning The Rockstar hauled off an entire truckload to Goodwill...and another truckload to the dump. Here is what my living room looked like last night when I went to bed.

That was mostly from my guest room. Here is what I got out of my closet.

I don't know if I will ever need hangers again. Here is my laundry room after cleaning out the closets.

Ok, so there is no way I could ever list all of of the stuff I got rid of out of my closets. So, here are a few things that still had the tags on them. Again, if you want any of this send me an email (Rockband.Barbie@aol.com) and let me know what you want, your full name and address. I will mail out some time this week. If you want more than one thing (or even all of it) don't hesitate to say so...less shipping for me. Anything that isn't taken by the time I go to ship will go to Goodwill.

1. Ralph Lauren Shirt, Size XL, New with tags (No, I did not pay that price...I may be a pack rat, but I'm not a rich packrat)

2. Chaps black pants, Size 16 Petite, New with tags

3. Gloria Vanderbilt Black Pants, Size 14 Petite, New with tags

4. Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans, Size 16 Petite, New with tags Taken

5. Faded Glory Jeans, Size 16 Petite, New with tags Taken

6. Riders Grey stripped pants, Size 16 Petite, New with tags

7. Sag Harbor Black with White Pinstripped Pants, Size 16 Petite, New with tags Taken


A.J. said...

Yay for closet purge!!!!! You are gonna feel so much better for it. We should totally make a shopping date!!!

MandaPanda said...

Don't you love it when it's all done though? And now you've got an excuse to shop! You have hangers that need clothes! :)

Sam said...

Congrats on your purge, just don't try and fill all those hangers at once :o)

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I always feel so much better when I declutter. I know that took major work . Way to go!

tz said...

I haven't decluttered in a while, you're an inspiration! I should totally get into the mood by watching an episode of hoarders :D

Lisa said...

Woo Hoo!! I did a major purge on Friday and my friend took a MASSIVE black bag full of clothes to her sister.

I need to go thru the rest but it's a great feeling!!!

Andrea said...

I bet it feels so good to get rid of all of that stuff!

Ronnie said...

WOWZER! You have even more clothes than me. :)

jennxaz said...

it always feels so good to organize things up! good job!

Cat said...

Great job!! I know I felt amazing to get rid of all my extra stuff.