Thursday, May 17, 2012


Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I am so upset about Donna Summer passing away. I love, love, love disco music and Donna Summer was my fave. She owned a house here in TN (in Nashville), but I am not sure if she living here at the time of her death. I did subject my coworkers and students to my Donna Summer Greatest Hits CD today. I even told my boss I may need a bereavement day tomorrow.

2. I have been getting my tan on. I have still been doing the tanning bed olympics (see post here). Last night I laid in Mac Daddy bed. That's not the official name, it's just the name I gave it. It costs like $15 a visit (I got the 1 time session for free when I bought some lotion) and I figure if it's that expensive it must be the Mac Daddy of tanning beds. Any ole who...I really liked the Mac Daddy olympics needed in this bed.

3. I had training today. You know what that means...out to eat at lunch with co workers. Most days I dread this because I don't always know ahead of time where we are going and what I will choose. We usually don't do fast food, but today we went to Wendy's. Did you know that they now have baked sweet potatoes??? They do. That's what I got and it was really good. I just ate it cinnamon butter....260 calories.

4. I have tried on a dozen swimsuits in the past week. I haven't felt great about any of them, but I'm not gonna let that rain on my beach parade. I am still gonna have a great time...fat and all. I plan on taking 3 or 4 swimsuits. I have never posted a full body this is big for me. Here is the only one I have picked so far...

5. Ok, so it wasn't full body...but it was all the parts I am still uncomfortable about.

6. I have cut back off the crack juice (Mt. Dew) lately. Unfortunately, I have new drug of choice...

It tastes like candy. I only have a few sips a day...but we all know, that's how the addiction starts.

7. I need to buy new drawers. I spend half of my day pulling mine up cause they are too big.

8. My pool is open is and ready to go. Now I just need the water to warm up a bit.

9. I have been thinking about getting just a smidge of botox in my forehead...but I'm scared.

10. Guess what tonight is????? Grey's Anatomy season finale!!!!! Woot, woot!


A.J. said...

Dang girl!! How big were your knockers if you have lost 50 some lbs and they are still that big???

Jen said...

that tanning bed looks crazy!!!

I think you look great in that suit!!

Don't do Botox, do Dysport! (same thing but shameless plug for the company I work for!) I did it a few weeks ago and LOVE It!!

MandaPanda said...

I'm hitting the pool this weekend and I can't wait!

Lala Loses said...

LOVE the suit!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

You look hot tomale! And OMG - I can't wait for Greys!!

o.c. bandster said...

you look awesome in that suit....just like Barbie!!!

trishajo said... look TINY after losing 50 lbs already!!! LOVE LOVE that swimsuit!! Where did you get it at??

I worked at a tanning salon in college... i've always been addicted to tanning, fo seriously. I always promised myself that after 30 I would stop fake baking and start spray tanning...ummm, don't see that happening any time soon! lol I always said I should of been born a brunette due to my sun-baby-ness :)

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

Wowza! you are looking mighty fine there girl!!!!

Lisa said...

Holy Mother of TaTa's! Cat Calls!! You look incredible - show it off girl!!!!

I went into the pool for the first time today and the water is just warm enough - woo hoo! I will be living in it all summer. I too want some forehead filled but am scared!! Let me know if you go there and how it is. My BFF goes about twice a year and you would never know. Very natural!

Greys tonight - Holy Shite! I can't believe they killed her off!!

Kristin50 said...

I think the suit looks great and that tanning bed is pretty wild looking!

I am tanning as well, need to not be so pasty when hitting the pool in a couple of weeks.

I was very very disappointed in Grey's I have to say.

Lynda said...

I want an update if you get the Botox (or something similar)--I have been thinking about it myself.

jennxaz said...

super cute suit...had to look away so!

Ronnie said...

I love that bathing suit, super flattering!