Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Doctor Schmoctor

Ok, so my doctor said my bp was still too high for him to "approve" an exercise program. Apparently, according to the stress test my bp goes sky high when I exercise (not sure how THEY would know since I didn't exercise...I just laid on a table while they pumped some drugs in me that made my heart race).

I have decided that doctors don't know everything. My pool is open and as soon as I get back from the beach I plan on exercising in the pool every day. If this high blood pressure hasn't killed me in past 10 years I don't think swimming a few laps will either.

T minus 10 days till my toes will be in the water and my ass will be in the sand. Woot Woot!!

In unrelated news, Donna Summer's funeral will be here in Nashville. It's not open to the public so I can't go...I wouldn't have any way. Funerals freak me out.

My band has been tighter than a tick on hound dogs ass this week. I have no idea why, but I hope it loosens up soon.

Hump day tomorrow!!!


speck said...

I can honestly say I've never heard of being told you can't exercise with high BP! I guess that's why my dr. has never said anything!!!! lol JK

trishajo said...

girl, this is JMHO, of course, but you NEED to get a second opinion! Your doc is whack!!....that's the biggest bologna I've ever heard!

Cat said...

Have you considered a second opinion hon?n I've never heard of a doc saying someone couldn't exercise. Usually their beating you over the head with the fact that you MUST!

Kristin50 said...

Swimming will be the best exercise you can do! I would take it slow and make sure you feel ok at intervals while doing it, and you should be ok!

I understand the concern especially if the BP is really high. However, you should be able to do some moderate Cardio and I believe your BP will get better with exercise!

I agree you might want to see another Dr are you currently seeing a GP or a Cardiologist?

jennxaz said...

see another dr this one seems wack!

Terrie said...

I have something called inappropriate sinus tachycardia, which pretty much means my heart rate is really high. I have had all the tests and my heart is fine, just fast. Not saying that you should just forge ahead but don't stress out too much about it, it could be something minor.

I think swimming is the best option for you!! Not to mention the must enjoyable kind of exercise.

Ronnie said...

Swimming is awesome low-intensity exercise. I say hit the pool! :)