Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1. I am noticing a trend blogging is getting less and less and is becoming filled with Ten Things Thursday. I have just been really busy with work. Once summer gets here y'all will probably get tired of posts...I will have plenty of time for blogging and tanning :)

2. The Rockstar is graduating tomorrow....finally. It has taking him years to get this degree. Years ago he decided to stop working on his degree because he became a business owner. The economy forced him to close that business and he went back to school. Of course we had to eat in the process, so he also had to work...which meant he could only go to school part time. It feels like it took forever, but his big day is finally here!!

3. Only 4 weeks left of school!!! I am leaving for the beach on my first day of summer also happens to be my birthday!!

4. The Boy graduates in 3 weeks. He tells me not too get to excited...he never plans on leaving home :)

5. The babies went to the beauty shop today. Kayleigh and I have matching toes now :)

6. I have been tanning all week. I don't care what anyone else says...fat looks better brown.

7. I wore a new pair of capri's today. My assistant said "I know you have lost a lot weight lately, but do you really think it's necessary to advertise what size you are in now??" and then she threw her head and laughed. Apparently, I had forgotten to remove the sticker that went all the way down the butt of the pants that had the size on it.

8. Next weekend is Mother's Day and I have no idea what to get my mother. She is the hardest person ever to buy for. If you have any great ideas, let me know.

9. My doctor made me go back on 2 blood pressure meds that he had taken me off of a few months ago. I am currently taking 6 different meds for blood pressure. I was hoping to be down to just 2 or 3, but my bp is still really high (158/118) .

10. Grey's is new tonight (yipee!!!) but since my in laws are in town I will have to set the DVR (booo!)


Azmomo2 said...

LOL #7

Rachel said...

I have been tanning three times a week.. I am now a darker shade of albino.

jennxaz said...

Your dog is so darn cute!
I agree fat tanned looks so much better!

Terrie said...

I am so tempted to tan but I am just so afraid to!!

Love your pups toenails!!

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Eek! I love the puppy toes!!!

Sarah said...

Boo to the DVR and the blood pressure meds. As much as they hate you to know before you start losing weight, that's not all there is to it. xx

Kristin50 said...

sorry to hear about the BP I hope perhaps as you continue your loss it will come back down.

Great NSV with the pants as well!!

Ronnie said...

Miss Kayleigh looks fab-you-luss. :)

Were you surprised about who didn't pass the boards this past week?! Whew.

Lisa said...

POOOOOOODLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!