Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. It is almost the weekend!! I have a busy weekend ahead. My sister will be in town tomorrow night (yay!). The Boy is going to prom Saturday night. After we take pictures we have to make a mad dash to a benefit event where The Rockstar's band is playing. And of course Sunday is Mother's Day, so I will be spending part of that day with my mom.

2. The Boy's prom is actually held at a fancy schmancy hotel 45 minutes away. The school charters fancy busses to take them there. If you are going to prom you HAVE to ride the busses. Since everyone rides the busses it's not a big deal. I won't worry nearly as much as I did when The Big Boy went to prom and he was driving.

3. Have I told you that I have small flip flop obsession??? I usually buy about 10 pair a year. I bought two more pair this past weekend which already brings me to 6 pair...and it's not even summer yet. Here is one of the pair I got...

4. My morning started off rough yesterday. My tire blew out on my way to work. My tires were less than a year old...lots of tread. It blew out on the side. Thank goodness I was pulling off the interstate when it happened. The Rockstar came to my rescue...I have no idea how to change a tire.

5. Only 3 weeks left till summer break!!!!

6. I am leaving for the beach on my first day of summer break. As of right now, I don't know if I have even one pair of shorts that fit me or even a swimsuit. I probably have 10-15 swimsuits, but I have no idea if any of them fit me.

7. Tea makes me pee. Random, I know...but that's what TTT is all

8. I don't eat biscuits any more. I am southern girl...I miss my biscuits and cornbread. My school serves biscuits quite often for breakfast...some days it is really hard to resist.

9. I still haven't bought my mother a thing for Mother's Day...someone PLEASE give me some ideas

10. WTF....did you watch Grey's??? I totally did not see that ending coming.


Vanessa said...

Flip Flops Rock!

MandaPanda said...

Ideas for Mom's Day - gift certificate for a massage, day of beauty at a salon, simple flowers and dinner out, a gift basket from bath & body works, an accessory for her ipad, ipod, itouch, iphone, etc., an avid reader? get her a book, a kindle, an amazon gift card... That's all I got. :)

jennxaz said...

they have this ipad stand with pen and protector so that you can put your ipad in the kitchen with you to try out new recipes cooking...that is what I am getting my mom and then we are going to get mani/ the flip flops!

speck said...

I might be stealing me some flip flops!

What beach are you going to? We leave the day after school gets out here as well.(May 26...PCB)

I love the beach!

Sarah said...

We don't get corn bread over here but I eat it EVERY time I am in the states. Soooooo yummy. I am going to eat it this time too, whether I can get it to go down or not. xx

Reggie said...

I now in the market for some blinged out flip flops.... Thank you for sharing your addiction :o)
Have a Happy Mother's day.

Ronnie said...

Perez Hilton leaked the first 6 minutes of the episode - it looks pretty intense. (Or as intense as it can get, I suppose.) Can't wait til tomorrow night!