Thursday, July 5, 2012


Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I went shopping with my mother today. I was looking for a dress. I bought one last week, but I wasn't real happy with it. I found one I wanted to try on and I grabbed an XL. My mother said "are you crazy??? you are NOT an XL!" She was right. I totally could have fit in the medium if it wasn't for my boobs.

2. Here is the dress I bought. I don't love it, but I only have to have to on for a few hours. I have never liked wearing a dress.

3. Every year I buy several swimsuits....this year I have 5. Yet, I continue to wear the same one every time so I don't have different tan lines.

4. My summer break is more than half over. I need to go on one more little mini vacay before I have to go back to work...I just haven't decided where yet.

5. When I go grocery shopping I actually look for the longest checkout line to get in so I have time to read all the gossip magazines before I have to start putting my groceries up on the conveyor belt thingy.

6.  Everyone knows I love dogs, but I swear, I am ready to choke my neighbors dog. He keeps getting out of their fence and coming to my house and stealing pool toys, or towels we have hanging out by the deck, a cooler, and flip flops. And that's just the stuff I know about.

7. We had a party for the 4th. The Rockstar made jello shots. I cringed when The Big Boy did a jello shot. I know he is 26, but in my mind he is still my sweet little boy and thought of me allowing him to have alcohol is wrong, wrong, wrong.

8. We have to go out of town for my sister in laws wedding. We will be gone overnight. The Boy has to work so he can't go with us. This will be the first time I have ever left him home alone overnight. He is 18, but I still asked my mother to call and check on him. Do you see a pattern of overly protective mother here???

9. I am over these record high hot days we are having.

10. Did you see Sharon Osbourne on Kathy last week? She briefly mentioned that she drinks wine to loosen her band. I thought she had it removed several years ago...apparently not.


Banded With Favor said...

The dress is adorable!!!

I here ya on the 18 year old, I would be cautious too...our oldest is 17 and despite the fact I am not happy with her right now, I would still be over protective too!!:)

I know the answer but I must you have flip flops to go with all of those swim suits too???:)... J/k I know you do if not 2 pairs to go with them!!!

Vanessa said...

great Dress ~ #5 - so with you
#6 ~ um yeah that could have been my dog - she is always taking my things and putting them in the yard
#10 - I do the same thing! or er um vodka...:) Happy friday - stay cool!

jennxaz said...

the dress is cute...I don't know if you are over protective...I remember what I was like at 18 and it was not a good girl!

MandaPanda said...

That dress is gorgeous on you! I have a wedding this weekend too...formal type affair...with lots of uppity *itches. Oh well...we'll live, right?

Ronnie said...

It's hard to let them be grown (OR EVEN 5!)... we grew up with them.

Also, that dress is awesome, and you look really great in it. :)

Julie Taylor said...

Girl! That dress is BANGIN! You should wear them more often! ;)

Cat said...

The dress is gorg!! Wear it everywhere this summer. I mean it.

As for the swim suits, for the first time in my LIFE I own more than one suit at a time. I officially have two. /nod

Melissa Wolf said...

Hey there, sounds like you're feeling better health-wise. I hope so! I totally get the protective thing--that's me too. I agree about the dress--suits you well! And the flip flops are cute. I think we're probably built similarly b/c I feel like I'll never be a Medium due to being big on top. Sigh!

trishajo said...

love the dress girl.

and i forgot sharon was banded!

Laura Belle said...

omg girl, that dress is FAB!!! Hotty Boom Body!

I like to read the gossip mags in line too! Too funny.