Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. Walmart has all their school supplies out. This makes me very, very sad...for two reasons. Number 1, this means that my summer break is at the very end. Number 2, this is the first year in 21 years that I haven't been buying school supplies. The Big Boy started kindergarten 21 years ago and The Boy just graduated. My babies are all grown up :(

2. Speaking of my babies, I miss them. They both work at night and I feel like I never get to see them anymore. I like my kids. Now I know you are saying "of course you like your kids...they are your kids" but let me tell you...I may have always loved my kids, but there were certainly some times that I didn't like them very much. I really like them now. I like the people they have become.

3. One of the reasons I like The Boy so much is his sense of humor. Here is a text message  between us. This is from the night I was bringing my niece home with us.

Now I guess if you don't know who Snooki is then you won't find this funny at all...but it had me peeing my pants.

4. I went to my first support group since being banded yesterday. I have never been because it is an hour away and it is in the middle of the day...I'm usually at work. I went yesterday with a friend who is about to have surgery. I was the only one in the group (other than the leader) who was post op. Nobody in the group was getting lapband....they were all either bypass or sleeve. So I felt like I didn't really have much to offer.

5. I have an appt. with my surgeon's office in the morning. This will be my first time there since March. To fill, or not to fill...that will be my question.

6. The Rockstar is at his in processing for his new job. I am excited about helping him set up his very own classroom for the first time. I bought him a fancy schmancy name plate for his desk.

7. I am getting excited about going to Chicago for BOOBs. Never in my life have I flown alone to go meet perfect strangers. The Boy told me I was crazy. He said it's probably just a big scam and those bloggers are really like the Craigslist Killers. Ha ha ha. He said it with all seriousness.

8. I have a $100 gift card to Kohls that The Boy gave me for my birthday back in June. I have been saving it to buy back to school clothes. I thought I would lose some weight between then and now, but I haven't. I'm going to have to use it any way. I don't think they would appreciate me showing up for work in my shorts and swimsuit.

9. I am looking for a new cute lunch bag/box for the new school year. I haven't found just the right one yet.

10. Can't I just be a stay at home mommy to Kayleigh???


Terrie said...

sorry back to school stuff makes you so sad. My favorite commercial is the office depot (or staples) where the guy is dancing through the store with a cart with the music "most wonderful time of the year" playing and it pans out to show his kids all sad faced as he is buying school supplies.

I second the stay at home dog mom gig. I would love to do that.

Anonymous said...

1) Would it make you feel better to do shopping for my kids? ;-) I can't believe I got the school packets from the High School yesterday for my older two, ugh, tons-o-forms

2) this.

3) hahaha - hope he wasn't disappointed it wasn't Snooki. ;-P

4) You know, after reading blogs just for the last week, it seems to me they need to have separate meetings for bandsters. I hope more centers do that...maybe I'm wrong.

5) Can't wait to hear what you do about the fill, and how you make that choice.

6)How exciting, new jobs for all!

7) Tell him you will text him with code word "CLK" (craiglistkiller) if you need him to call the cops.

8) Um....some might...

9) Barbie!

10) Kayleigh wants to throw parties while you are at work.

Z said...

i'm a school librarian and just saw the school supply display at target last night. that and a display of ice cream both made me very depressed. i miss my ice cream!! i DO NOT miss the school year! LOL!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

We still have a month or so to go!!! But I agree with Terrie, that "most wonderful time..." commercial cracks me up every time.

Jazzing up Jackie said...

I can't wait to start buying teacher school supplies! When do you go back?

Ronnie said...

HA, and the first people you're going to meet out of the group is Sandra and me... I'm feeling the pressure! lol

Everyone thought I was crazy going last year, but it was awesome and everyone was jealous when I came back - so boo to being nervous. :)

I was sad when I saw the school supply stuff out, and I bought the boys' school supplies a month ago. Weird, huh?

trishajo said...

awwww miss kayleigh <3

Andrea said...

Hahaha! I'm so glad you're coming to Chicago and I can't wait to meet you!

Amy said...

Craigslist killers? nah. Only a few of us. :P

Steph said...

I did all my back to school shopping for Sarah yesterday...Hardest thing for me was trying to find pencils not made in China. The teacher specifically requested that. I don't think they make them. $50 later, her shopping is done.

Trust me, we ALL had the same feelings about our first trip to Chicago. We're not serial killers, we won't rob you and leave you for dead, BUT do be prepared to laugh, talk and have a great time!

jennxaz said...

I husband said they are all probably 50 year old dirty old men who like fat girls---hahahah I am not and I am going to BOOBs knowing NO_ONE!