Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. We went a solid month with not a drop of rain here. Now it has rained every day this week. My tan is fading fast. I can't go back to work a white girl.

2. I haven't checked my work email all summer. I tried to log in today, but obviously I have totally forgotten the password. They make you change it every month and it can't be anything like the last one. That's too much for me to keep up with. Since I had only worked there a few months I have no idea what to do. I don't think I even know the number to the school to call and ask someone.

3. I have let old habits creep back into my life. I haven't been tracking what I eat. I haven't been drinking water. I have been eating way too much junk. I am getting back on track today.

4. The Rockstar has a job interview Friday. If he gets it we will both be teaching the same thing, both at the middle school level, but in different school systems.

5. My niece is still driving me crazy. I am taking her to Hobby Lobby today. We are going to buy beads and make bracelets.

6. I have noticed that some people "reply" to comments on their blog. Once I have read a post I don't go back to it. So if someone replies to comment I have left I would never know it.

7. The first 40 pounds I lost I was in the same clothes. Now it seems like I go down a size about every 10 pounds or so. Not complaining...merely just an observation.

8. I haven't been back to my surgeon's office since March. I missed my June appointment. I finally remembered to call yesterday. I have an appt. next Friday. I have only ever had 2 fills. I am thinking about getting a small fill.

9. I'm not taking any more mini vacays this summer. I decided that instead I would just save that money for the BOOBs trip!

10. I'm going to make some chocolate chip cookies. Don't judge. I know I just said I was getting back on track today, but it's either chocolate or alcohol my nerves need to deal with this child.


Anonymous said...

1) Hmmm, must try 10 things Thur, and must find Laura Belle!

2)re: #1, some of us have no hope of being anything other than white girls. Well, except red, peely girls...

3) re #2 lol! I so relate! Had lost passcode issue here today too!

4) re #5 post pics!

5) re #6 newb error, oops! Ty for heads up, lol!!

6) re #10 good choice.... 7 year old is safer with you doing cookies than alcohol ;)

7) keep us posted on your getting back on track. We are here to cheer you on!

8) hey, I almost got my first 10 things Thursday out of this reply!!

Theresa Foley said...

what?? "it" doesnt like send you a notification when someone replies to your comment ... so I have been blah blah blah-ing to people and they dont even know .... very sad ... thank for the info lol hmm now what just ignore the comment or go to their blog and stalk them to reply? that is one option haha

Vanessa said...

I never go back to blogs after I comment on them either...
Work email...schmerk email! Ha! Enjoy the rest of your summer and try and stay calm. I could never child sit for that amount of time and stay sane and sober...ha!

MandaPanda said...

Personally, I'd go for the booze but that's just me. You have to share the cookies with the kid and that just gets them more riled up. :)

How much longer is your niece with you?

I don't go back and check on the blogs either. On SOME of them, I get an email when they reply but not on all of them. Oh well.

Terrie said...

I envy your rain!! I am not a huge fan of summer and these 100+ days are about to make me melt.

I wouldn't worry about the work email. It is summer after all!!

Hum, burboun chocolate chip cookies...

jennxaz said...

lol---take the booze!!!!!
BOOBS is going to be so much fun!Come on you have to do the challenge!

Laura Belle said...

Oh hell, take the chocolate and down it with the booze. the more the merrier, right?!

I never go back either, on posts. I just assume everyone reply's back in email.....right???? Or maybe that's just me.

oh well. lol

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Ooh, I replied too assuming people could see it. Oops!

I am with you on the clothing thing...I had fit into my clothes in various stages for so long that it really wasn't until about 40lbs was off that I had to go find new stuff. Luckily there is an awesome thrift store near me.

(Oh, apparently I can check "email follow up comments..." so I could see them. Hrm.)

Nikki609 said...

Really??? UH OH...I thought this blogging tool would send you a notification that I responded to your shady of this that I know that it doesn't I'll just have to comment on something you wrote :)

Kelli said...

just stopped in to say Hello. I am catching up on Blogs...

Ronnie said...

I'm so glad you're still coming to BOOBs! With so many people dropping out lately, I was worried you wouldn't show either! :((

trishajo said...

I can't wait till I experience number 7!!