Monday, February 13, 2012

Make a list Monday!

Thanks to the fabulous Robyn we have Make A List Monday!

The category for Make A List Monday is: You are forced to use the 10 items or less line at the grocery store and can only go to the store once a week.  What will be in your cart?

Here is my list:
I have to assume that my family would have to make their own shopping trip...these 10 items are only taking myself into consideration.

1. Bottled water. I take 4 bottles of water to work with me each day and then usually drink one or two more at home each day. So, needless to say, I go through a lot of bottled water each week.

2. Special K Protein Meal Bars. I eat these almost every work day for breakfast.

3. Chicken. I eat chicken almost every day. I feel sure I am going to start growing feathers soon.

4. String cheese. It's quick and convenient for a snack.

5. Bananas. I love bananas.

6. Purity Chocolate Milk. For all you non-southerners who just don't know....Purity is da bomb!!!

7. Toilet paper....did you see all that water I drink??

8. Ground beef.

9. Chocolate...yes, I know this isn't the best thing for me to eat. Chocolate is one thing that I have not given up since being banded (and won't). I usually only eat one Dove Milk Chocolate square a day...but that one piece is NEEDED for my emotional health :)

10. Sweet potatoes. I love plain baked sweet potatoes.


~Sandi @ This one time at 'band' camp... said...

Great list, number 7 made me laugh!

A.J. said...

Haha! At the milk -- growing up in East TN I feel the same about Mayfields milk (oh, and their ice cream!)

speck said...

I wish I could drink water like you. I can honestly go all day without drinking anything. I've been like that my whole life. I knew no drinking while eating would be NO problem for me! lol

Chicken, string cheese, always on my list too.

Enjoyed reading.

trisha said...

I go through a 24-pack of bottled waters in less than a week! It doesn't help that we have well water that isn't able to be drank. I will down 4 or 5 of those little bottles each evening!

Anonymous said...

Never give up the cholcolate!
I buy bottled water too. but once they are empty I fill them back up with my Brita water pitcher- it is much cheaper.

MandaPanda said...

Chocolate has antioxidants so you get no grumbling from me about your dove square every day. Great list!

Ronnie said...

Mmm, chocolate milk and sweet potatoes! A woman after my own heart. :)

Strawberry Confessions said...

I love this! I could do this easily I buy the same things each week.