Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 Month Bandiversary

Three months ago today I was banded. I haven't regretted it, not even one time. There certainly are days I have been frustrated....like when the scale doesn't move. Or when I really want to eat a big ole piece of cornbread. Or when I have to pee 5, 672 times a day. But not one time has that frustration turned into a regret.

Here are some things that I have not eaten in 3 months:

French Fries (haven't missed them)
Sandwiches (I do miss a good grilled cheese)
Rice (oh man, fried rice I do miss you)
Steak (never really ate much any way)
Biscuits (I miss this the most)
Cornbread (you know a southern girl like me misses this!)
Cereal (doing fine without it)
Poptarts ( yum...but I have been fine without it)
Cake (hasn't bothered me a bit)
Eat fast food (I think Chick Fil A still has the missing poster of me up)

I'm sure there are many more, but those are the ones that instantly popped in my head. I have only had 1 Mountain Dew in 3 months...I deserve some kinda award for this one. And yes, I do miss it...every day.

Here are some things I do every day now...

Drink at least 64 ounces of water (most days it's closer to 100)
Track every bite that goes in my mouth (had never done this before)
Think about what I am going to eat (ate whatever I wanted before)
Stay up from morning till night without a nap (weekends don't count....love me a Sunday afternoon nap)

I wish I could say I am off all meds...but I don't think that is going to happen any time soon. Yet, I still have no regrets.



jennxaz said...

Congrats on 3 months boy that went quick! Only 1 mtn dew you truly are a rockstar!!!

Lisa said...

Fantastic 3 month reflection!! I love your lists!!

Kelli said...

What great accomplishments!! Congratulations on your Bandiversary!!

Andrea said...

Happy 3 Months! You are doing so good!!!

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Congratulations, you're doing awesome!

LoriBang said...

Way to go! 3 months! Your lists are awesome, better than some of mine! pssst. I did sneak some of my kids french fries from Mickey D's (love those damn things)!

MandaPanda said...

You're doing great 3 months in! Keep it up!

Lap Band Gal said...

Congrats! You are indeed a band ROCKSTAR!

Laura Belle said...

Well, I'm super duper happy for ya! Way to stick to your goals and no nectar of the Gods (mt. dew) for 3 months?!?! you're a saint in my book girl!

Kristin50 said...

you are doing fantastic and all of the right things! So happy for you!

Sam said...

And what a great 3months it has been. Congrats :o)

Ronnie said...

Wow, that's dedication, lady! Congrats on 3 months!

mdlapband said...