Thursday, February 2, 2012

Interview, Fill, and Fabulosity

 I just got done with my interview and I think I totally rocked it. It was a phone interview. Kinda cool to do an interview in my big butt sweats with my hair thrown up on top of my head. I also liked the fact that I could have my little cheat sheet right in front of me of things that sounded really smart to say :) Unfortunately the principal who interviewed me does not have the ultimate say so over who gets the position. The position is on a military base. He only gives his top 3 recommendations and sends those to the "higher ups"...they make the ultimate decision. I may not hear anything for up to two weeks.
My doctor's appt. was fabulous. I like their scale better than my own. My scale shows a 30 pound loss, theirs showed a 33 pound loss....woot, woot...I am going with their scale. I got a fill of .5, which brings me up to 5.5cc's. Today was the first time I did it under the fluro. It was way cool to see the band and the liquid going down. I just have to tell ya though, I was a little freaked out having to stand up with that big ole needle stickin' out of me. They (there were 3 people in the room) were even kind enough to point out my big ole bra hooks on the xray....damn, if I had known so many people were gonna be looking at my unmentionables I would have worn my sexy bra instead of my cafeteria lady bra.

My second dr's appt wasn't as great. My hypertension specialist still won't release me to exercise...yet. My bp was 155/104. That is way better than it was 6 months ago, but still pretty sucky considering I am on a dozen (for real) medications. He said I had to have another stress test before he would release me. I can't even do the treadmill stress test...they make me do the chemical one...and it sucks. He did say I could take I will check into that. Any way...I don't care what he said...I am feeling so fabulous today that he ain't gonna rain on my fabuloisty parade :)

Peace out :)


speck said...

Well everything sounds great....and that is great. lol

Of course I hate it that you can't exercise!(ok, I'm not being nice)

I personally have never been told my a doctor that I couldn't exercise! :)

A.J. said...

OMG- they make you lay on the table and THEN get up from the table for the fluoro. I was like --- I am gonna impale myself!!!

tz said...

33 pounds, that's wonderful! Yay you! I am so glad your blood pressure is doing would be awesome, it not only doesn't raise your pressure it's relaxing and can reduce your pressure as well. Good luck!

Melissa Wolf said...

I totally believe you're going to reduce/get rid of many, if not all, of those meds, girl! 33 lbs is AWESOME and you were brave during that fill. Fingers crossed about your job interview!

Ronnie said...

Glad you got a great fill, hope it puts you in the sweet spot! :)

Also, I'm sorry you weren't released for anything other than yoga (which is pretty awesome!)... how much more do you think you'll have to lose before there are no more restrictions?