Thursday, May 30, 2013

Triple T!!!!!

Thanks to the gorgeous (and preggo) Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. Only one day after today people...just one more day. No alarm clock, no pants, no real shoes, and not even a bra if I don't want one.

2. My birthday is on Sunday. I will be 22 with 21 years experience :) I will also be leaving for the beach that day. Woot woot!!!

3. OMG, the teacher that used to teach next door to me last year (she is no longer at my school) was arrested yesterday for murder. Yes, you heard me right...MURDER. Crazy stuff.

4. We had our end of school year party yesterday. I bought pizza for all of my kids. I drove off post to get the pizza and just as I was coming back on post I realized I had left my government ID in the computer at school. They aren't supposed to let anyone on post without their ID or a visitors pass (which is an ordeal to get). Apparently if you have on a dress that's slightly hiked up showing a little leg, big boobs, and bat your eyes at the guard they will let you slide through with just your school ID.

5. So I mentioned I had on a dress. I was carrying 6 large pizzas back up to the door of my school. You can't get in the school without sliding you school ID beside the door. So, I am trying to balance 6 large pizzas on one arm, while I try to fumble to get my ID out of the badge holder. In the meantime it is a tad bit windy. A big wind comes up and completely blows my dress up. I almost drop the pizzas and my pink drawers are still blowing in the wind. Finally, I hear a voice come on over the little speaker by the door. It was our secretary...and she was laughing so hard I couldn't even make out what she was saying...but I think it was something about buzzing me in. Great, now the office staff calls me pinky every time I walk by the office. Apparently they were all sitting there watching the security camera and wondering how I was going to manage to slide my card with all those pizzas in my hand...and they all lost it when my dress blew up. I hope they peed their pants from laughing and had to sit in urine soaked drawers the rest of the day :)

6. My kids loved the pizza party. Today is my last day with all of them since I am moving to the other class next year. I am sad about leaving my babies, but I know I will love the new ones too.

7. I want to make this fruit dip that I found online. It calls for vanilla bean paste. Nobody in my town sells it. I read online that you can get it at Sonoma Williams (??I don't know what that is) or Trader Joe's...and we have neither of those places.

8. Whoever suggested that I try Old Navy to find shorts...thank you, thank you, thank you! They have the exact right length me. However, I ordered 3 pairs of shorts, all same style but different colors in size 8. Two of the pairs fit perfectly and the other did not fit at all. Isn't that odd??

9. The Boy told me he is moving out in 2 months. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I don't know if I am ready for my baby to leave. What if he goes hungry? What if he runs out of clean underwear? What if nobody reminds him to change his sheets every week????

10. Do any of y'all sell Oragami Owl stuff? If so, please let me know because I wanna order something.


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Your dress story cracked me up!!! Pinky, indeed.

Also, MURDER? WTF!??!!?!?

*AStrongNewMe* said...

That sounds like something my co-workers would do, just watch me so they could laugh later!

A.J. said...

There is Williams Sonoma at Green Hills Mall and Traders Joes in Nashville

Kay S said...

Oh no! I've had my dress blow up a few times lately, but not where my co-workers could watch on camera! I suppose there are worse nicknames to have thank Pinky :-)

That was me that suggested Old Navy shorts! Glad they worked out for you! I ordered a pair a month or two ago for our vacation, tried them on the other day, and they're too big now :-|

If you google 'vanilla bean paste', it looks like there are a ton of places to buy that online. Which is what I would do, because I'm lazy. Or find the nearest mall with a Williams Sonoma, because you will probably love that store anyway!

Kristin Jones said...

You would love Trader Joes. It is a great grocery store! I just got on the waiting list to become a origami owl consultant. If you haven't found one by the time I get my stuff, I'll let you know!

Anonymous said...

So much I want to say and so little time. Murder- wow. You never know who you are working with.
The dress- only you! I hope they didn't have a camera.
It is bitter sweet when our babies leave the nest. I miss mine but it is also nice to have my house to just me and the hubby.

Rachel said...

Holy cow.. MURDER!?! I loved your dress story... thank goodness you had pretty pink undies on! Now I'm gonna have to check out Old Navy. I know in the past (when I could fit into Old Navy clothes before) I've noticed some of the same sizing discrepancies. Must be how they keep prices so low?

Connie O said...

Too funny! Does it make you rethink branching out into wearing dresses?

Now I want to know more about the murder.

I could go without a bra, but I'd be afraid of injuring somebody if I had to turn around suddenly.

Can you mail-order the vanilla bean paste?

~Miss Lorie~ said...

We share a birthday! Yahooooooooo!
I love my birthday and I love Summer! Ahhhh! One more day, you've got this!

Anonymous said...

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Cheri said...

I SO love your blogs. That is all.