Monday, May 27, 2013

Rippin and Runnin

This has been a very busy weekend. I was rippin and runnin most of the time. I will tell you all about day at a time :-)


I worked all day. The Rockstar is already out for summer break, but I still have to work until the end of this week :( After I got off work Friday I went tanning. I came home and The Rockstar wanted to go eat. He loves buffets, especially the Chinese buffet. It is such a waste of money for me to go to a buffet, but since he likes them, we still go. Let me tell ya, I still fix my plate like I did before getting banded. I don't know why, because even as I am fixing it I say to myself "Self, you know you will never eat all this food"...and I don't.

Here is my plate before I started eating...

I still pile it up with all my old favorites. Here is my plate after eating...
I told waste of money for me to go.
After eating we went grocery shopping. Nothing fun or exciting about that. I hate to go grocery shopping.
Later that night I went to my mom's house. My ex brother in law and niece were in town for my nephew's graduation and they stayed with my mom. I visited for a while and then decided I was really tired and needed to go home and sleep.
I slept in for a bit. I think it was because I was dreading going to my sister's house and the longer I stayed in the bed the less I had to think about getting up and getting ready to go to her house. I did finally drag myself out of the bed and get ready.
The visit to my sister's house was pretty uneventful. She didn't speak to me at all until I got ready to leave (and I actually stayed there almost 2 hours), and then all she did was give me a courtesy hug (you know, the kind where get a little pat on the back and a sideways hug) and said thank you for coming. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was expecting more than that. I was, however, happy to see my niece again.
I even got her to duckface with me :)
She does a great duckface, doesn't she??
After leaving I still had another graduation party to attend. This time it was the nephew of my Colorado bff. In case I have never told you, I have no sense of direction and need to use a gps to get any where I go. My bff's sister told me it was super easy. I put the street name in my GPS, but not the house number. I didn't put the house number in because she told me it was just a few houses down when you turned on the street and that I would know which house because they would have an awning set up and there would be balloons on the mailbox.
Sure enough, as soon as I turned on the street I saw a house with an awning set up, smoke coming from the grill, and balloons on the mailbox. I parked the car and joined the small crowd under the awning. The man running the grill welcomed me and told me to have a seat. The woman setting the food out asked what I would like to drink. Everything was going just peachy...good food, great atmosphere, nice people. I finally asked where my bff or her sister was. They looked at me like I had 2 heads and said "who?" I said "Isn't this Billy Bob's (not his real name) graduation party???" And they said "Ummmm, no. But you are more than welcome to stay. We have plenty of food"
Yep, that's how we roll in the south. If you are having a cookout any ole body can come up and you welcome them to your food and beer. I kindly thanked them and quickly made an exit to find the right house...which was about 5 houses down on the other side of the street :-)

I stayed at the party for several hours and ate way too much yummy junk. My bff left with me and came back to my house with me to spend the night. We stayed up till all hours of the night just laughing, and talking, and laughing some more.


My local bff came up and spent the day with Colorado bff and me. I have been friends with Colorado bff for 23 years and local bff for 13 years and the two had never met. Can you believe that??? They both felt like they knew each other, but had never actually met. It was a great day.

 We went shopping and laughed and had a great time. The Rockstar cooked us dinner and ate until we were stuffed.

After the local bff went home the Colorado bff and I went and did a little more shopping and then I took her back to her sister's house.

I came home and I was exhausted. I took a bath and slept like a baby :)


I slept in again. I got up and made a big ole pan of baked beans for a cookout we were going to attend. This cookout was a lot of my coworkers. Far different group of people than The Rockstar's group we usually hang out with...but it was all good. We are diverse like that. We can roll with all types :)

The cookout was great. We came home and now we are both just laying around like lazy people.

I hope y'all's weekend was just as good as mine!

Four more days and the alarm clock is out of site for 2 months!!!!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Oh my god! Ok, that is hilarious, but I would have been dying if I found out I was at the wrong house. Too funny!

I'm glad you got the first visit with your sister out of the way, even if it wasn't an amazing reunion. ;) Those first visits can be the hardest sometimes!

~Miss Lorie~ said...

I love the wrong house and the nice invite.
She does a pretty good duck face! Looks like such a fun weekend.

Cheri said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

I'm so glad you were able to see your niece, even though your sister was awkward.

Just a few more days!!

mdlapband said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! You are such a beauty!!

Amy said...

I use my LapBand card from Allergan (got it from the website) at buffets. I've never had an issue :) I just nicely ask if I can please order a child's portion and then I don't feel like I'm wasting. ;)

jennxaz said...

LOL---love the south and mixed up party....hate to say I am not surprised about your sister..but at least there was no drama...

*AStrongNewMe* said...

I have to admit I laughed about you going to the wrong cook out party...and the fact that they just offered you a seat and a drink even though they didn't know you! That is classic.

Sounds like the visit with your sister was a bit of a disappointment. I hope you didn't let it get to you too much.

Rachel said...

I love that you were so welcome at the "wrong" cookout! I also love that you have a local BFF and a Colorado BFF... I have a local BFF and a Utah BFF. Like yours, they've never met but both know so much about each other! Funny, now that I think about it, I've known my BFF's for about the same time you've known yours!

Connie O said...

Hilarious that you couldn't tell the cookouts apart at first--and that they had no idea you were at the wrong house!

Loved reading about your fun weekend--and seeing the photos. Looks like your niece was glad to see you!

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