Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ta Ta Time

I took the day off from work today. I have a diagnostic mammogram scheduled. I didn't "have" to take the day off. I could have just taken off a little early. But I feel like I needed a day off. So, I am getting my boobies checked out and getting my hair done. I figured if I had to get smooshed, mashed, tugged, and squeezed then I should I also treat myself to something I threw in the hair appointment first. I may not like getting a mammogram, but at least I will look good getting it :)

If you have read my blog for any length of time then you know that I have a sister who I have not seen or spoken to (other than a text around Christmas) in 3 1/2 years. Well, my nephew (her son) graduates from high school this weekend. She sent me invitation to the graduation and to a cookout at her house. I just got the invitation yesterday (nothing like waiting until the last minute to send it) and I am trying to decide what to do. I had already accepted an invitation to another graduation party on the same day...I received that invitation a month ago. I don't know if my sister is truly trying to mend things or she just wants me to send a graduation gift (yes, she is very materialistic like that). I think the right thing to do is to at least go by there for a few minutes (and yes, I will take a gift) and explain that I had already accepted another invitation, so I can't stay long. I really don't even want to go. I know it will be uncomfortable since I haven't seen her in so long, but I also know that things will never get fixed if I don't.

Another reason I don't want to go is that my sister is probably the same weight I was before I got banded. I really don't know if she knows I had surgery or not. My dad may or may not have told her. I know that she feels bad about herself. And I have been there. I often feel like she has been jealous of other things in my life...when I graduated from college, when I bought my house, when I got married...etc. She didn't even come to either college graduation (bachelors or masters). I almost feel like when she sees me that it may make things worse. This is really the first time that I feel like I want to hide how well I have done...because I don't want it to make her feel bad. Does that sound crazy??

Only 9 more days until summer break...only 6 more days to wake up to an alarm AND only 10 more days until I leave for the beach!!!!! Can I get a woooooo hooooooo?!!!!


BandedIceGirl said...

woooooo hooooooo!!

I hope things go well if you go see your sister.
I will have to wake up to that alarm until my sons school ends on June 7th. And no beach for me. think I might have to ask you to enjoy that beach for me as well haha

jennxaz said...

I like your idea of a quick drop in and leaving...I think she did this at xmas too and you suggested a lunch beforehand that she never took you up on. Sounds like she is just fishing for a gift.

Rachel said...

I really like the idea of making a stop at your sisters and having that legitimate reason to leave. If she truly is trying to mend things and that is something you want, it's good to go slow. My sister and I were estranged for a number of years (there was some really bad stuff that went on and I even had custody of one of her sons for awhile) and it worked much better to go slow once she started to turn around. It really helped tamp down the resentment *for me*. I hope it all goes well!! Have fun getting your boobs squished, I've often wondered how they'll even give me a mammogram once it's time, mine are pretty tiny ;-)

Laura Belle said...

YAY for booby pinching time!!
Can't wait for that to start in my life. (being sarcastic there)

I think you should go. Like you said, if not for just a few moments, then go to the next one. If she is trying she did make the first move on the invitation. If it's just a materialistic thing, then at least you can fill good about yourself for actually trying back.

Have fun today!

Deirdre Renfro said...

I hope things go well with the ta ta squishing and seeing your sister- if anything you're there for your nephew

Connie O said...

Gifts for high school graduates are easy, since they mostly want cash! I hope your sister is really trying to reach out to you and not just going through the motions to get stuff for her kid.

I should schedule a mammogram, but I am so tired of doctors that I have been putting it off. I hope yours is not too uncomfortable.

Holly Marie said...

You should not feel guilty for your accomplishments! You worked your butt off for every one of them. I would just go to show your support for her son and leave. Best of luck to you on this decision!

Marbles' Girl said...

I have some of the same jealousy issues with my own sister. Though she's older than me she feels that I "out-shine" her in many ways and it can make her down right nasty sometimes. I think your plan to stop in for a bit and explain that you had already accepted an invitation prior to receiving this one is a great idea. Maybe if she is trying to mend things you can suggest another day and time where you two could get together. I hope everything goes well for you. :D

*AStrongNewMe* said...

I am a new reader to your blog, so I don't know anything about your history with your sister except what you wrote in this post. I wouldn't feel any obligation to talk to her if she has not made any effort in 3 years until she wants a gift, as it sounds like. I would get a small gift for her son and congratulate him and focus more on him than her. And I agree with another comment to not feel guilty for your accomplishments. If she is jealous of them, that is her issue to resolve.

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Good luck on the mammo. Definitely treating yourself afterwards is a good idea!

Family situations are so hard. I think the best you can do is what you've said - stop by with your gift, stay a little while, move on. Her jealousy isn't your problem, so don't let that keep you two apart, though I understand the feeling. You are doing the best for YOU.

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