Thursday, June 7, 2012

Still here...Catch Up Post TTT Style

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!
I know it has been a while. I have been busy, busy, busy!!

1. I am officially on summer break! My last day at work was June 1.

2. My summer break started off with a mini vacay to the beach...

3. I had a great time at the beach. I went with two of my friends. We call ourselves The Boobtourage :)

4. My band decided to go on vacay too. I was able to eat way too much, but I didn't even worry about it. I will get back on track Saturday.

5. My BFF is visiting me from Colorado. She came in on my last day of work. She didn't go to the beach with me...she stayed in town and visited her sister while I was gone to the beach. Now she's all mine until Saturday...then she flies back home :(

6. We went shopping every night we were at the beach. I didn't buy much, but we had a great time just looking.

7. There was full moon while we were at the beach. The view of the light shining on the water was breath-taking.

8. I wore shorter shorts than I have worn in several years and felt completely great in them.

9. Today is my 7 month bandiversary. I have no idea what I weigh since my vacation. But if we are going with pre vacay weight I have lost a total of 63 pounds....which I am totally thrilled about!

10. My number 10 is a very sad one. My baby Kayleigh has been very sick. The Rockstar prayed that she would live until I made it back from the beach. I have had her at the Vets office 3 times in the past week. She has congestive heart failure. I am so upset about it. She has been in my life for 13 years and I can't imagine life without her. The vet has been checking on her daily. I don't think she will be with us much heart will break in a million pieces.


Sarah said...

Oh you poor poor thing. MY heart is breaking for you.

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

So sorry about your pup. We lost our jack russell after 16 years a few years back and it wasn't easy. But you will be glad she isn't suffering anymore. Hugs!

Rachel said...

So glad you had a fun vacation. So sorry to hear about your little pup! Hang in there!! xxx

Vanessa said...

You are so cute! Glad you had a blast at the beach! So sorry about your baby....letting go is the hardest thing~ feel free to lean on me...I've been there....

Kristin50 said...

You look so happy and awesome in those shorts!

I am so sorry for your little one, I have been there too, and it is so hard.

If you get a chance read the "Rainbow Bridge"

You will cry but it puts perspective on our little four legged children!

They are huge parts of our lives!

sweet addy said...

Welcome back!

So sorry to hear about your little girl.

MandaPanda said...

Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry about your pup!

Incidentally, it looks like a great vacay and you look fabulous!

jennxaz said...

you look GREAT on vacay!!! sorry about your pup...that is like losing a family member(sometimes mean more than some family members)--- to you

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures from the beach. It makes me miss being there BAD.
I am so sorry about your baby. I love my dogs like kids and it breaks my heart to even think about losing another beloved dog. My thoughts will be with you.

trishajo said...

oh no...prayers for kayleighs quick and peaceful passing... I am SO sorry girl... :(

you look amazeballs in your pics though! ;) what beach is that?!