Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I am still living the glorious life of a teacher in the summer. I sleep until about 10:00, lay in the pool for a few hours, watch trash tv, shop, eat, and act like a newlywed when the Rockstar gets home. Life is good.

2. Here is the text I got from The Rockstar this morning :)

3. I am going to the casino next week. I don't play the table games much, but I am a total slot slut. I would be in serious trouble if I lived near a casino. I am quite sure I wouldn't have a house, car, or maybe even a first born. Having to go to another state to gamble is a good thing for me. I only take the exact amount of money I know I can lose.

4. I have been battling a UTI since Saturday. I was in so much pain Saturday morning I was in tears. It is better than it was...but it still hasn't gone away.

5. I have pretty much been eating like crap this week. Not crap in quantity, just in quality.

6. The Rockstar's birthday is Saturday. We are having a pool party and cooking on the grill. I know most people would dread a house full/pool full of musicians, but they bring most of the food and do all the cooking. They think girls can't grill...and I am perfectly happy to let them keep thinking that.

7. Kayleigh has been feeling better. She has to take a buttload of meds every day. It costs me a small fortune, but she is worth every penny. I am thankful for every day I have had with her.

8. I have noticed that I have several new followers this week. Sometimes I can't always find a link to follow them back. If you are following me and I am not following you back, please leave me a link to your blog.

9. My sister that I haven't talked to in almost 3 years re-opened (I don't know if that's the correct word for it??) her facebook account. I sent her a friend request 2 days ago and she hasn't accepted it. I don't know why I let this bother me. I know I should just move on and realize that I have no control over the fact that we will never have the relationship I want us to have...but that is easier said than done.

10. Due to my UTI I have actually cut way back on the crack juice (Mountain Dew) this week...yay me.


Rachel said...

i love how the rockstar is actually the rockstar on your phone. awesome. good luck with the UTI!! Lots of water!

The Dandy Bandy said...

aweee... I love those little random love crumbs...they rock my world. UTI's SUCK, big time. You have done all you can do with your sister, you have reached's up to her whether or not she takes your hand.

Cruisegirl81 said...

That is a sweet text. Lucky Gal. I have been following you. Stop by if you want.

Sarah said...

Give me 4 weeks and I'll be joining you.

Hate it when you don't feel well in the holidays. It sucks big time.

jennxaz said...

JEALOUS...ok but not about UTI

Terrie said...

I wouldn't trade my baby dogs for the world.

Oh sisters, if we weren't blood related and forced together by my mom I seriously doubt I would even like my older sister.

So jealous of your summer lifestyle

sweet addy said...

I'm jealous of your teacher summer! I took a mental health day from work today and spent some time in the pool - it was so nice.

Banded With Favor said...

Barbie!!!....I wish I could sleep until 10:00, I keep waking up at the crack of dawn!!! cannot come visit me....I am sorry!!! I have 7 casino's near me....3 that are less then 6 miles away!!! I wish for you to keep your possessions!!!

I am with Rachel...that he is The Rockstar on your phone is hilarious!!! how do you blog pics from your phone??? Have not figured that out....tell the Rockstar Happy B-day!!! enjoy your pool time!!

speck said...

I'm jealous that you still are vacationing with 10:00 mornings and trash tv! lol I would love to be a bum! lol JK

Remind me later....we need to talk about the sister situation. Girl, been there, done that, and you might be interested in how things work out.

Also, I just posted a new topic on my blog. I thought of you! I said, my roommate is going to say, what the hell....I'm rooming with a crazy!!!!"



trishajo said...

so glad your little one is hanging in there with her meds.... I would do the same for my old girl, if there was medicine to help, but unfortunately there isn't. hugs to you and the little muffin!

your hubby is too sweet....ya'll are so blessed! <3

Beth said...

I'm so envious of your summer off! However, I think about doing your job and realize, I couldn't do it, even for the summer off!

You're man is a romantic, that is awesome! You are lucky to have each other.

I love to gamble too, tables mostly, slots second. Unfortunately I live 30 mins from a casino!

I'm glad to hear your baby is feeling better. Non animal lovers just don't understand how we can love our pets like family!

I am the youngest of 7, and there are 2 siblings I don't have a relationship with. You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your relatives.

Sorry to hear about your UTI hope it goes away soon!

Happy Birthday Rockstar, enjoy the BBQ!

Apparently it is reply to ten things Friday for me! Happy Friday!

Melissa Wolf said...

Sorry I've been MIA with blog comments lately but now I'm all caught up, love your recent posts, you're looking great and I'm totally living vicariously (from my office) through your tales of sun, sand and vacation. Lucky teachers! You're rocking that band, girl...very inspiring!! p.s. Sorry about the stress/worry around your estranged sister and sick doggie. Hoping for the best. Life sure can pile on stuff to deal with.

Amy said...

I have a sister just like you.
Sad. But their loss.

You mentioned you drink pop. I thought all carbonated drinks were off limits once banded??