Sunday, June 17, 2012

Easy come Easy go

I gained 7 pounds in 7 days while on vacation. That part was super easy.
Ok, so the "easy go" part is a big ole fat lie.

It has not been easy...but, I lost those 7 pounds in the past 7 days.

Ok, the first 4 pounds were pretty easy...all I had to do was pee...and poop....a lot. Apparently it is important that I take my Lasix (fluid pill) every day. I didn't take it while I was at the beach and I guess all that salt (and just maybe a little alcohol) made me have a little water retention. As far as the pooping part...I told body goes on lockdown as soon as I leave town.

Those last 3 pounds took a little more work. I got back on track drinking my water. I logged on MFP every day. I swam laps in the pool every day. I didn't indulge in fried foods, sugary drinks, alcohol, or bread.

Today, after seeing those 7 pounds gone again, I am very thankful for my band. In the past I would have seen that 7 pound gain and just said "oh well, I blew it"....but this time, I knew I could get right back on track.

Hope all of y'all have a fab Father's Day!!!


Amy S. Petrik said...

Wow ... congrats on the loss! I'm having my surgery in 10 days. I'm just over the moon excited.

Kristin50 said...

COngrats on getting that 7 to disappear, you are right it was not a real gain at all, just water.

Isn't that great to understand, so you can just get right back at doing all the right things?


jennxaz said...

great job shedding those 7 lbs!

The Dandy Bandy said...

Wowza! Look at you! Good job!

Beth said...

Awesome not letting the gain get you down!

BandedIceGirl said...

great job, I'm dreading going to Florida this summer as I am not yet banded and scared I'll gain tons

Ryan.Perry said...

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