Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

1. The only reason I know that it is Thursday is because I saw other people posting TTT. I love not knowing what day it is and not having a reason to even care.

2. The Boy has been out of town all week on a trip with his girlfriend. The Rockstar and I have been empty nesters. I totally feel like a newlywed again ;)

3. I bought a new purse yesterday.

4. I just have to tell ya....Groupon is not good for me. I am an impulse shopper and if you make me think I am getting a really good deal you could sell me just about anything. I buy shit I don't even need, want, or will ever use...all because it seems like a good deal. I have to stop this.

5. ***Warning...#5 is about poop...skip it if ya can't handle it***

When I go on vacation (or out of town for any reason) my body goes on lockdown mode. I couldn't poop in a strange place if I wanted body just won't let me. When I went to the beach I went 8 days without going. Certainly there was a correlation between me gaining 7 pounds and not pooping for 8 days.

I am happy to report that as soon as I crossed the county line the poop gates opened and all is fine now.

6. I have lost 4 of the 7 pounds gained on vacay. I am hoping to be rid of all 7 by the end of the week.

7. Oh! I forgot to tell y'all...I got a new tattoo last week....a breast cancer awareness ribbon, in honor of my beautiful mother :)

8. I watched the new Dallas last night. I used to love watching Dallas on Friday nights with my mom when I was young. It was pretty good...but I had a hard time watching every time JR was on screen. I know they have someone on set who could have shaped up those bushy eyebrows for him.

9. My sister in law is getting married (again) next month. That means I have to go find a stupid dress to wear to her wedding. I hate to wear a dress. The only time I wear one is to weddings. I think I look yucky in dresses.

10. I totally missed my appt. with my band doctor this week (because I never know what the day is any more). I need to call and reschedule, although I have no plans for a fill. I have only had two fills, but I feel like I am good where I am.


MandaPanda said...

I think the eyebrows are a signature thing for him. Cute purse!

jennxaz said...

hate you! Can't believe you don't know what day it is...wish I had that problem :)
love that you can poop your weight away....maybe I should take more cleansing drinks(prune juice..hmm)

~Miss Lorie~ said...

Ahhh! Summer vaca! I've also forgotten what day it is more than once!