Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1. I went back to work on Tuesday and let me just tell y'all....this week sucked big, green, wart infested donkey dicks!! The week was a belligerent bitch and I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.

2. I apologize for all of the profanity. The longer I work with behavior disordered kids the more I become like them...don't judge, it's a coping mechanism.

3. I have class on Thursday nights. Tonight I noticed that I pass 11 fast food restaurants on my way home. Before last month I stopped at one of those places almost every Thursday night. I'm pretty sure Chick Fil A probably has a missing poster of me posted on the front door.

4. Why does toilet paper cost so damn much??? I have actually been getting in all my water and I pee like crazy. I'm sure I have killed an entire forest this week alone.

5. The kid who initially called me Big Ass Barbie has moved on to another it's Country Barbie. People say I have a thick southern accent...I just don't hear it y'all :) I don't mind either name, but I think I prefer Big Ass Barbie. Either way...he still thinks I look like Barbie!

6. I thought I would be weighing myself every day, but actually I haven't been weighing myself at all. I was weighed at my post op appt on Monday and haven't weighed since.

7. The Boy will be 18 in just two weeks. I really can't believe both of my babies will be grown. It makes me feel old.

8. My friend that I told y'all about who was getting the band with plication had her surgery yesterday. The surgery went fine, but she said she was in pain. I asked her if she was taking the pain medication and she said the prescription hadn't been filled...well, duh...take your medicine.

9. I got a call today reminding that I have another dentist appointment on Monday. I told y'all...I would rather run through hell with gasoline panties on than go to the dentist. This should be the last appointment until next year.

10. My dreams have been so vivid since surgery and I haven't taken the pain meds since the second day. The dreams have often included my favorite foods. Last night I was in a Krispy Kreme doughnut eating contest with a midget from the Wizard of Oz. I won.


Andrea said...

Haha, I'm sure there were several fast food places with wanted posters of me too! Now I feel good that I drive by there and never stop!

Jazzing up Jackie said...

Hey! Thanks so much for checking out my friend's page. We live in PA and with all the stuff going on right now with Joe Paterno and the alleged sex crime cover up, she's organizing a protest.

I'm in school for secondary ed with a concentraion in English. Student teaching next fall :)

LaniBani said...

Barbieeee!!! I think that's awesome he calls you that! Love your note about your dream - mmm krispy kremes bahaha - and good on you for not stopping in at any of those fast food joints! YAYNESS!!!

Vanessa said...

Love your dream! Too funny!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

I dream of food still!

speck said...

Love your personality! And I guess we would sound like country hicks together! :)

Ronnie said...

All I have to say is: AMEN TO NUMBER 4!! I'm in the same predicament.