Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

1. I am not sure I will have 10 things to say since my week has only consisted of pj's, chicken broth, and liquid loratab.

2. I don't miss going to work one little bit.

3. The Rockstar has taken very good care of me this week...which is a big deal because he usually sucks at taking care of even himself

4. I have watched more tv than I thought possible this week. I have realized that you can go 15 years without watching a soap opera and be completely caught up on what has happened in 3 days. I know that Victor has been on The Young and Restless since I was a toddler when my Bigmama watched it...he is STILL on there. He must be like 105 or close to it.

5. Mr. Hottie (the hot teacher down the hall) has texted me every day checking on me. Don't worry, The Rockstar NEVER gets jealous and Mr. Hottie is young enough to be my child...and I don't make enough money to be someone's Cougar ;)

6. I have not pooped since the day before surgery (Sunday)...and today is Thursday. Should I be worried? The Rockstar did always say I was full of this point he is probably right.

7. I have been an emotional rollercoaster this week. One minute I'm on a high thinking I am gonna be a skinny, fierce bitch within the next year (maybe that's the liquid loratab talking), and the next I am still afraid I will fail.

8. Thursday is one of my favorite tv nights...I <3 Grey's Anatomy

9. I think some of y'all are the greateset thing since free internet porn (I kid, I kid). But seriously, I love to read about everyone else's journey and I like knowing I can lean on y'all for some advice.

10. I was worried I wouldn't have 10 things to say...who was I kidding...I always have something to say :)


A.J. said...

Um, the poop thing is totally normal. You haven't eaten anything solid in quite a few days. Plus, pain meds have a tendency to constipate. You are not nearly as full of poop as you think you are! *wink*

Nora said...

Mix some benefiber in with your liquids. I had the same issue, which created other isues, and I wound up having to have surgery 1 month post lap-band surgery to deal with these issues. Really unpleasant.

Cat said...

Yep, as Nora said, get the benefiiber. Also how cool that hottie is texting as long as like you said Rockstar doesnt get jealous.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Isn't that the truth about soap operas? Glad you are feeling okay...YAY for Lortab!

speck said...

Barbie(I'm calling Barbie in this post, lol) I am enjoying getting to know you by reading your blog. I like your personality.

I laughed at the husband comment. So true.

And I think everyone is the greatest also. I have been blessed by finding all these ladies. I truly love reading everyone's blog.(and responding)

You are doing great. One day at a time.



Beth said...

Glad hubby is taking good care of you. Enjoy the time off, it goes quick!

Andrea said...

Haha, yeah fiber is definitely your friend after surgery!

Kelli said...

I could give you an ear full about the whole not pooping thing but definately get some fiber in ya. So true about SOAPS.

Ronnie said...

I looove Grey's Anatomy. And I say take some milk of magnesia, I do that every once in a while when I'm backed up.

Lynda said...

OMG!--you seriously just got banded last week! Sorry I'm tardy to the party. Even 1 1/2 years later, I still don't poop as much as I used to. I think it took me over a week to poop after surgery.

My mom also watched Young & the Restless...can't believe Victor is still on there!

XBIGJIMX said...

Remember it is not how much money a cougar has it's the bounce in the Pounce ;) hahah