Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buttdumpling and Ex Lax Ellie

Today was my first day back at work!!

Everything was smooth sailing....until Coach Buttdumpling decided to park his fundraising crack cart in my room during my planning period. This is what stared me down for over an hour today...

In unrelated news...I am having trouble drinking all this water when I am limited as to when I can go to the bathroom. Today my eyeballs were floating by the time the bell rang. I beat the kids out of the room, dashed to the faculty restroom and did the pee pee dance in the hall waiting for Ex Lax Ellie to get outta there...and then gagged the entire time I was in there....ugh.


strawbrry75 said...

Lol I never use the teachers lounge I hold it all day this will be a tough one for me next month

Andrea said...