Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I still miss Kayleigh like crazy. Austin is completely deaf, so he never hears me when I come in the there is no barking and it is completely quiet when I come home from work. It feels very lonely when I don't hear my welcoming commitee as I walk through the door.

2. This weekend is tax free weekend in TN. For those of y'all who don't have tax free weekends in your state, there isn't any tax on clothes and school supplies for weekend for all items that are less than $ that means stuff like computers don't count. Some people (ok, a lot of people) take advantage of the tax free weekend...which is why I don't. I HATE to go shopping in's not worth the $10-$20 I would save.

3. The good news is, I can shop online and have tax free weekend :) I just have to shop at places that offer free shipping.

4. Today I suffered through teacher hell inservice. The main reason I hate inservice so much is that it almost NEVER applies to me. My kids are not assessed through the regular state testing, my kids don't have a regular schedule, NONE of my kids are on grade level, and I have 2 degrees in special education, so I am quite sure I know how to differentiate my lessons.

5. Although #4 is a complaint, I do love my job and I am very grateful to have it.

6. I haven't eaten dinner in the last two days. By the time I get home I am to tired to even think about eating. Since most of my day is consumed with sitting through meetings, I have been staying very late trying to get my room done. Which is still not done. The kids will be there on Monday. I have to stay as late as it takes tomorrow to get it finished.

7. My underwire broke in my bra today...only on one side. So I walked around half the day with one saggy boobie. Dang it, I just bought this bra.

8. Have you ever had a day that you just keep smelling something random for no reason??? I keep getting a whiff of beer all day, even though I have not been any where close to a beer.

9. Did you know that I have never in my life even tasted beer??? Laura Belle would be appalled. But it is true. I am a beer virgin.

10. Big Brother is on, so that means I have to wrap this up. Y'all know I can't miss out on my reality tv :)


Cheri said...

I feel a country song there somewhere....Big Brother is on, I smell a beer, I have one saggy booby, and Austin can't hear....

Hope you chillax like you deserve, and tomorrow is more enjoyable.

Z said...

LOL Cheri's song was hilarious!

yea, inservices can bore a sane person crazy! but i love my job and the crazy is only sometimes :)

the not eating dinner is a good thing....right???

Vanessa said...

Totally should be a country song!! I can't believe you are back to school already - its still the middle of summer here!

tz said...

i hate it when my underwire breaks, especially when I get poked by it! when it does I take the other one out too so that I have two saggy boobies.

MandaPanda said...

Cheri cracks me up!

I have an issue where my underwire punctures through the material on one side and pokes me all day. This usually takes a good while before it happens so I'm probably just keeping my bras for too long but still...I feel your pain. :)

sweet addy said...

I hate it when the underwire breaks! Especially because bras for big boobies are so freaking expensive.

jennxaz said...

I had an underwire shoot out and hit me in the chin yesterday....what does that mean---guess I need a new bra too!
right...smell beer but never tasted it.I call bullsh@#t! lol!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

LOL, my underwire snapped yesterday, too. At the dinner table. Get up, now! Your boobs are growing! HA!

Ronnie said...

I hate when unwires break, that's the worst booby news I've heard all day. :(((

Maybe in Chicago you'll try a beer?! :)

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

When I was....16ish? maybe? my dad came upstairs from the laundry room holding this vaguely half circle shaped thing and asking what it was. It was the underwire from my bra and I almost died that it had come out. What the heck, bras???

Andrea said...

I've been thinking about you. I know it's so hard to not have Kayleigh!

I'm totally obsessed with Big Brother!

adorkbl said...

lol... been there with the one boob underwire. ugh!