Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1. Today is my Friday!!! I love 3 day weekends!

2. I have no big plans for Easter. I miss the kids being younger. We used to have a huge Easter egg hunt  at my mom's for my kids and their cousins, but they are all grown now and one of my sisters lives in another now it's just my own little family. I still make Easter baskets for the boys and The Rockstar...I suppose I always will.

3. I am still totally having a debate with myself about going to the tanning bed. My mother had Melanoma several years ago and since then I think twice before I go to the tanning bed. Oddly enough, I never think twice about laying my big butt in the pool, in the direct sunlight, in the middle of the day.

4. I always "pose" for divers license pics, ID's, etc. I slightly turn my head to the left because my right side is my best side. I am friends with a few of you on facebook...if you look at my pics you will notice this "pose".  I had to have two ID's made for my new job. One for the school and one to get on base every day. I had the one to get on base made this week. The man who made the ID cracked up when he took my picture. He said he thought he camera was tilted until he saw my drivers license pic and school ID (I had to show both before they would make the ID) then he realized there was nothing wrong with his was just my signature pose. I figure if I have to have the same ID for 3 years I might as well smile and pose for the picture on it :)

5. I had to go to some different schools the other day with coworkers to do file reviews of upcoming students for next year. Afterwards we went to lunch. Since I don't know what all is in base I pretty much agreed to where ever they decided. I didn't know until we got there that it was a first buffet since being banded. What a waste of money.

6.  MFP really makes me mad when it tells me how much I would weigh in 5 weeks. It is a big fat liar and I never weigh what it tells me I would in 5 weeks.

7. It has been nearly 90 here most of the week. I told The Rockstar he better hurry up and get the pool opened or he was gonna be fired as my pool boy.

8. I still haven't done my taxes. I procrastinate about it every year. I am really, really gonna try to get on that this weekend.

9. I must look suspicious. For 3 days in a row the little guard men at the gate have made me get out of the car and let them in my trunk. They randomly stop people and make them do that, but they got me 3 days in a row!!

10. In case you are wondering...Grey's is a new episode tonight!!! I personally don't think this season has been very good...maybe it's because they show one new episode then leave me hanging for 3 doesn't intrigue me, it only pisses me off.


MandaPanda said...

Got our taxes done last night. Whew. Easter is usually just my little family also...while it's KIND OF sad, it's actually kinda nice to keep it low key and do our own thing.

Lisa said...

Aww I still make Easter Baskets for my mom, nana, my 20 yr old nephew, Zack and more. Still fun :)

I too need to do my taxes - UGG. I hate them!

Excited about Grey's being new too. I am so over the 3 week skip they have done and don't understand it. Not sure if you are a Nurse Jackie or Big C fan but they start back up on Sunday and I am obsessed with them!

Terrie said...

lol on your siganture pose, that is awesome.

As much as I go on Post for work I have never been searched. But now that I said that I will next time I have to go.

Morgan said...

Maybe the guards want to search your car because you are losing weight, so they think you are using/selling meth? Hmmm.....maybe you should just tell them you are not into tweaking and see if they lay off you! :)

It seems like I ALWAYS get 'randomly' pulled for extra security checks when flying, like maybe I am not fat, just hiding a tiny little terrorist under my clothes.

~Miss Lorie~ said...

I love that you have a 'pose' for your pictures! You go girl!

Andrea said...

I always have that same debate about the tanning bed! I just love how it feels just laying there! My skin is so fair though it's really hard to tan so I'm sure it's not good for me. I just love the way it looks and feels though.

Azmomo2 said...

#8 yeah totally me. I should get the taxes done and be over it. I have no idea why all of a sudden I really hate this.