Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

1. I had my interview today. I did my best. If it's meant to be, it will be. They said they have already done one round of interviews, did them all day today, and will be doing more next week. Apparently many people applied for this position. They said I will hear something either way in about a week.

2. I have an appointment for my 2nd fill next week. I was thinking I wouldn't need it, but after this week I am changing my mind on that.  This is how I have felt this week:

3. The last time I weighed (some time over last weekend) I was at 28 pounds lost. I am 2 1/2 months out from surgery.

4. When I think about 28 pounds gone my first thought is always where in the hell did it go?? Did I pee it out during those 5,876 trips to the bathroom???

5. It has been raining here all day. I had to re-straighten my hair before my interview. I was starting to resemble one of my poodles.

6. Grey's Anatomy is a freaking rerun wasn't on for some of November and all of December...we aren't even out of January and it's already a rerun????? Yes, I am am way too addicted to TV.

7. The Rockstar should have never bought me an Iphone. I obviously don't have enough sense to use it properly. I have been having "issues" with going to poop. I told my mom that I had started taking some fiber. She was insistent that I go to the doctor. This morning the poop gates opened. I decided to text my mother and tell her the good news. Some how (I still have no idea how I did it) I texted 25 people the following text: "I finally pooped this morning....thank God" Among those I texted was Mr. Hottie (the hot teacher down the hall) and my supervising aassistant principal. Great.

8. Did you realize that Xanax is a palindrome (a word that can be read the same way from either direction)?? One of my students pointed that out to me this week.

9. I sat in a faculty meeting with my legs crossed yesterday...and I just crossed them naturally. I didn't even have to force one leg over the other.

10. I have been clean and sober from the Dew for 12 days.


october 11 said...

I too am very disappointed about Greys, my Mom said Private Practice was a rerun too:( Thank god for Jersey shore, haha. 28 pounds is fabulous!! We are only a few weeks apart from eachother surgery wise!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Oh my God in heaven - #7 cracks me the hell up! What? Grey's is a rerun tonight???????????

jennxaz said...

Lol! That's great you had me rolling!

speck said...

I wish you the best with the job. Either way, I think you are a winner!

You always make me smile. I needed that tonight.


Kelli said...

cracking up at # 7, I am so with you on that one!! Hope it all works out for you on the job interview.

Lisa said...

OMG that is too flipping funny!!!!! Did you get any responses??? I would die LMAO!!!

I am pissed about Grey's and Private Practive. I too am addicted. sad!

Good luck with the job sweets!!

Rachel said...

I have something that will change your life... its a straightener that resists rain and torrential downpoar!!! Its called the GHD - it's expensive but worth every single dime. I have had mine for almost two years!!! xxx

Ronnie said...

WHAT IS WITH GREY'S!? I think this is their last season, but I could be wrong. I know Patrick Dempsey says he wouldn't be doing anymore. :((

Sam said...

Oops on the poops announcement, you'll need to watch that :o) good luck with your job!!