Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tag, you're it

I was tagged by Dawnya and I am doing both tags at once :)

The Rules:1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ Blah blah blah, you legiti­mately have to tag 11 peeps!

1. I am addicted to using waayyy to many dryer sheets. I go through 120 dryer sheets in two weeks.
2. I will only buy matching scents for laundry detergent and dryer sheets.
3. I am one of those people who set the time on their alarm clock 5-10 minutes fast trying to fool myself. It never fools me and I still have to rush to get out the door on time.
4. I have never even tasted beer. I don't like the way it smells, so I have always assumed I wouldn't like the way it tastes.
5. I silently count steps as I walk up them.
6. My toenails are always painted...even in the winter when noone sees them. I love to get a pedicure.
7. Before I was a teacher I was a hairdresser.
8. I love disco music.
9. I sleepwalk and have since I was a child.
10. I failed my drivers test the first time I took it. I did 60 in a 40 and ran two stop signs.
11. I park in the same row every week when I go grocery shopping so I don't forget where I parked.

Dawnya's questions:
1. What is your favorite color? I don't have a favorite, but I like pink, purple, turquoise, and red...not all mixed together
2.  Who was your first love? My first love was my first son...I was only 15 when I had him and had no idea what "true love" was until I laid eyes on him
3.  Do you secretly dislike your bestfriend? Not at all. She is the funniset person I know. We don't get to see each other very often since she lives in another state, but when we do get together it is non stop laughing.
4.  How many times do you go pee in a day? 5,643...or atleast that's what it feels like after drinking all this water
5.  Have you ever been arrested? I plea the Fifth
6.  What anti-virus software do you use on your computer/laptop (repeat question from FB)? I have no idea. The Rockstar handles all that stuff.
7.  Have you ever had a one night stand? Lol...I had to edit this post because of this question. I missed the word "a" so I thought it said have you ever had one night stand....which I do only have one nightstand in my bedroom. The correct answer to this question is no...I have never had a one night stand.
8.  Would you date outside your race? Hell to the yeah...just let Shemar Moore, LL Cool J, Taye Diggs, or Mario Lopez come to my door...I would put a serious hurtin' on them. I dated outside of my race many times before I married the Rockstar.
9.  Do you eat pork rinds? I haven't eaten them in years.
10. Do you have artificial nails? I have never had artificial nails. Thankfully, my natural nails grow out like a french manicure. I just slap on some clear polish and go on my merry way.
11. What did you eat for dinner last night? I didn't eat dinner. My sister was in town and I went to my mom's to visit her (well really more so the see my niece who I adore). By the time I got home I figured it was too late to be eating.

Stephanie's Questions:

1. What is your favorite salad? The house salad at Rafferty's. They have the best homemade Ranch dressing I have ever had. I don't eat it much because it is not glutten free...I only get it about once a year.2. What was your favorite book as a child? I hated reading when I was child.3. What is the one food that you would love to be able to eat in unlimited amounts without ever absorbing the calories or getting stuck? Biscuits4. Do you prefer working out indoors or outdoors? Indoors. I am soooo not an outdoors kinda person unless I am in the pool or at the beach5. If you're banded, what are your "absolutely not" foods that you will not attempt because they get stuck every time? I don't really know. I have only been banded two months and I just stay away from the foods that traditionally "stick"...I know that I can't do scrambled eggs.6. What is your favorite song/band to exercise to? I love so many different songs and kind of music that I could never pick just one. I like rap, hard rock, disco, classical, Top 40, pop, and even a little country7. Have you ever played any sports? yes, I played softball for 5 years. I was a cheerleader and I took gymnastics.8. What is one book that you could read over and over again? Tuesday's with Morrie9. What do you think the most attractive thing about yourself is? Blue eyes and good hair (this one may change since I seem to be losing it at the moment)10. Would you go to a bariatric doctor who was fat? Why or why not? Sure. I don't judge someone's abilities based on their weight. On the other hand, I would never go to a dentist with bad teeth.11. Are you going to BOOBs this year? I really, really want to!!!
My questions:
1. How often do you grocery shop?
2. Do you shower in the morning or at night?
3. What is your favorite place to shop?
4. What is you favorite spice?
5. What is the best date you have ever had?
6. Who is your celebrity crush?
7. What is your favorite season?
8. What movie always makes you cry?
9. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
10. What is your favorite candy?
11. What was your first job?
And who I am tagging?



tz said...

I do that with my clock too...and then every morning I have to do math..and I didn't do the easy 5 min fast thing I did 7 and 7 is really a lot harder to subtract by :D Fund information!

tz said...

fun...not fund...sorry, typing more letters then I need to

MandaPanda said...

Wow..that's a lot of questions. Awesome getting to know you better.

P.S. I sleepwalk too! I have since I was two but I also suffer from night terrors, so I scream, shout, hit, break things...and also eat and try to go outside in my sleep too. I think I'm more interesting when I'm asleep. LOL.

Ronnie said...

Your hair will stop falling out at some point! Mine started at about 3-4 months and is just NOW chilling out. Ugh.

Love your answers, and questions. :)

Andrea said...

Thanks for the tag! Sorry I'm behind on reading and commenting!