Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ten Things Thursday!!!

Thanks to the beautiful Laura Belle we have 10 Things Thursday!

1. My mother randomly sent someone to my house yesterday to measure my kitchen floor. She is having ceramic tile put in her house and said she thought I may just want an estimate for mine. He never gave me an estimate or really even said anything to me...maybe this means she is going to surprise me and have new floors put in for me...that would be way cool.

2. The man who was Principal at my school before Cruella took over (it's close to Christmas so I tried to refrain from calling her Lucifer)  passed away this morning. I am so very sad about this. He was not a good fit for our gang infested school, but he was one of the most kind hearted men I have ever known. He retired because he had cancer. They told him he would not live long if he stayed in that stressful environment. He lived over 3 years after retiring. I am glad his family had that extra 3 years with him. I will miss him dearly.

3. I have been struggling with eating right since I have been on Christmas break. I never go over on calories, but I have been eating too much sugar and not enough protein.

4. I have not spoken to one of my sisters in two years. I tell everyone that I could care less, but in reality I wish she would come to her senses and make amends with my mother. I REALLY don't care if I talk to her again, but I know that it bothers my mother that her own daughter has treated her so poorly.

5. I asked the Rockstar to help me wrap presents. He said "ok, let me go get my staple gun and duct tape"...guess I'll be doing all the wrapping by myself.

6. Both of my kids were here last night, which is rare since they both work (and the youngest is still in high school). I like it when they are both here. When my oldest leaves to go home my boys still hug each other and say I love you....makes me feel like I did something right :)

7. I went in Toys R Us for the first time in years the other day to get my niece a present. When I first walked in I saw all the cute baby stuff and thought how nice it would be to have a baby again. Two minutes after being in there that thought quickly passed.

8. I will be doing a lot of baking tomorrow. I hope I can refrain from a lot of eating.

9. I went to Walmart yesterday and they already had some Valentines Snack cakes there....can they not let us get through Christmas first???

10. I am 47 days clean and sober from the Dew.


MandaPanda said...

Congrats on being off the Dew! Sounds like you've got great kids and a creative hubby. LOL!

Cat said...

Sorry about your former Principle. So sad when great people in our lives pass.

Haha about the staple gun and duct tape! Typical man.

speck said...

I love reading your post. Merry Christmas!

Finding My Moment said...

Okay-- kind of a simplistic comment. Just wanted to say, I love reading your blog. Started following recently and it's great reading. You're impressive!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Love the last one - hahaha! You're my HERO!

Strawberry Confessions said...

Congrats on the Dew! I have to use the line staple gun and duct tape I hate wrapping

Ronnie said...

I saw some Easter stuff the other day! It's incredible how fast they're trying to hustle us through these holidays...

I'm sorry about your former boss. Sounded like a sweet man.

tz said...

duct tape awesome! and the part about your boys hugging each other, I hope to be that lucky!