Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Fill and 10 Things Thursday

I got my first fill today!!! Y'all know I was a big ole fraidy cat about that big ole needle...but it was fine. He didn't ask me if I wanted the numbing shot...just did it anyway. I was ok with that and it didn't burn/hurt very much at all. He said I had 3cc's in from surgery and he added 2 more for a total of 5cc's.

I also had to see the NUT while I was there. I think that NUT is a nut...she said I should only be eating 600 calories a day. I asked the doctor about it and said that only pertained to immediately after surgery and now it should be 900-1100...which is what I have been doing.

I had lost 18 pounds since my pre op appointment...yay!

ok, now on to 10 Things Thursday....

1. My doctor's office used to be a mall, so there are many, many doctor's offices in there now. When I went in today there was a gourmet cheesecake stand set up right in between the surgical weight loss center and the heart clinic. WTF???  Were they trying to ensure job security or what??

2. I haven't even started Christmas shopping and probably won't until I get off for Christmas break.

3. I have had so much paperwork to do at work (educational plans, ACT accommodations, etc) that I have been a craptastic teacher this week. I will be having an unannounced observation at any time...glad it wasn't this week.

4. We have an advisory group once a week where we are supposed to talk about getting ready for college, grades, and many other "advising" type things. This week the kids were supposed to write a thank-you letter to one teacher or adult in the building who had helped them this semester. Afterwards the advisory teacher would place the letter in that teacher's mailbox. I got a letter...and can you believe it was from my lovely child who calls me names on a daily basis?? Keep in mind that I teach behavior disordered teenagers who have no filter with their language. The letter said:

Dear Big Azz Barbie, (yes, that is exactly how he addressed it)

Thank you for helping me with my grades and making sure I graduate this year. That other teacher fucked up my credits and you took care of it for me. Keep doing a good job. You will always be my favorite teacher. You are almost like my white mama.

Peace out,
Your Bobby Hill (I told him once that he was like a ghetto Bobby Hill from King of the Hill)

I got all teary eyed...he still thinks I look like Barbie and loves me like a mama :)

5. The Rockstar doesn't really understand the process of getting a fill. All he knows is how big the needle was and that I should feel more restriction. In his mind it was a big ordeal and he has gone back to waiting on me hand and foot. Is it bad that I have just let him continue to think that???

6. I had a crazy dream last night that I caught The Rockstar doing heroin (he does not do ANY drugs in real life) and I told him that I was leaving him. I went to speed away, only I didn't have a real car. I only had one of those pink battery operated Barbie Jeeps for I took off in that.

7. I noticed last night that my hair is much thinner in the front than it was a month ago. Good thing I still  have a lot of hair in the back. I may have to consider doing the balding man comb over soon if this keeps up.

8. Paula Deen is my hero even if I can't eat her stuff any more. I am making some cookies this weekend from one of her cookbooks. They are called Ooey Gooey Chocolate Butter Cookies. You know they are gonna be good if the word butter is in the title. I'm not going to eat them. I am making them to put in a goody basket for Mr. Hottie as his Christmas present. Last year he gave me a gift card and I felt bad because I had not bought him anything. He loves to eat, so I figured he would like a goody basket.

9.  I bought new make up today. I know some people get excited over new purses or shoes, but my thing is make up. I love it!

10. I still haven't had a Mountain Dew and the craving is no less today than it was a month ago.


o.c. bandster said...

Great job on the 18 lbs. Hope the fill is a good level for you

Cat said...

I laughed at cruising off in a pink Barbie jeep. Sorry about what you were dreaming that lead up to it. Great job on the weight loss and keep up the great work!

Strawberry Confessions said...

Great job on the 18lbs! Your Bobby Hill sounds like my T. Johnson who told me I come to school everyday just to argue with you and I hate the weekends because we can't argue for 2 days what are we going to do with these kid?
BTW I see the follow now! Keep up the good work oan making cookies and not eating any...scary

Sam said...

10 thing thursday sure opens the flood gates :o)

Good luck with all your school stuff you have going on and be sure to keep your hands out of the cookie mixture :o) BTW please do not post that recipe, because I don't think I could resist :p

Nora said...

Happy to hear you survived your fill!

Vanessa said...

I heart Ms Paula Deen too!..even though she is the anti vegan...I once made her bacon cheeseburger gave us heart palpations ....but damn it was good! Love the letter from Bobby Hill! You rock!

vickyd said...

Congrats on getting through your first fill. I truely think that the anticipation of it is worse than the actual fill itself!

Andrea said...

Glad your fill went well and congrats on the weight loss so far!