Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Walmart and Halloween

Actually, when I think about it, everyday could qualify as Halloween in Walmart. But, for today's purpose I am actually talking about the real Halloween....or at least the candy part of it.

I usually do my grocery shopping over the weekend, but this week I am fall break (or as I call it "save teacher sanity week"). I decided I would wait until Monday to do my grocery shopping, in hopes that it would be a little less crazy on a boring Monday...I was wrong. Anyway, by this time of  the year I have usually stored up on 5 or 6 bags of Halloween candy and would buy a few more each week until Halloween. This year I have none. I have not bought one single bag of the chocolate crack because I can't trust myself around it.

Chocolate is my thing...well almost anything with sugar in it. Once I get banded I don't have to worry so much about chocolate because I just won't bring it on the house. Neither the Rockstar (baby daddy) or the Boy care for chocolate, so it's a no brainer. However, they do like to partake in some other other various crack happy foods....snack cakes, cookies, poptarts, etc. Neither one of them have even an ounce to lose. Thye are supportive of me...but not enough to give up their own junk food.

How do y'all deal with the temptation still being all around you???


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I'm with you - I just don't buy it. If I buy it - Ima gonna eat it. Period. We have to know our limits. For me - chocolate is a limit fo sho!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I bought chips for some reason and have not been able to stay away from them. So smart to wait until the treat or treaters are abou tto arrive to get the candy.

Beth said...

I usually buy candy that I don't like to give out to the kids. Luckily for me sweets aren't my thing as much as salt. My boyfriend is a sweets eater, but he likes a lot of stuff that I don't. The stuff I do like he tries to eat outside of the house. But mostly I tell him he has to eat what he wants, and if I like it I have to learn to live with it.

Ronnie said...

I just ignore it. I think the fact that I paid out of pocket for my surgery ($10,500) was a great motivator! Don't worry, you'll be fine with all the stuff around... you'll either give in every once in a while and gain a few pounds causing you to have a freak-out session. OR you'll moderate yourself. You can't avoid crap forever, it creeps in... but you can control your reaction to having it around.

Also, I would have been commenting before, but I never could! Glad you figured it out so we could. :)