Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Time Ten Things Thursday

Ok, so this is my first Ten Things Thursday. I'm not sure if there are any "rules" about the ten things, or if it's just mine are just random. Here ya go:

1. I have a slight obsession with flip flops. I hate socks and shoes, so I will wear flip flops until it's so cold my feet are turning pretty shades blue. It is 50 degrees and rainy here today...and yes, I have on flip flops.

2. I am the kinda person who tries to play mind tricks on myself by always having my alarm clock 10 minutes ahead....of course my mind is not tricked and I continue to oversleep... often.

3. It bugs me if I have an uneven number of friends on facebook.

4. I can't seem to get away from men/boys. I am the only girl in my house. Most of my students are boys. I work in a small wing of the school with all males. Needless to say most of the laughter I hear revolves around someone's bodily functions.

5. My toenails are painted all year long, even in  the winter when noone sees them but me. I love to get a pedicure!!

6. I am a very picky eater and I don't like to try new foods.

7. My high school guidance counselor told me not to worry about taking the ACT because I wasn't really college material. I am currently working on my Doctorate...guess she was wrong.

8. I accidentally sent one of my professors some funny Halloween porn yesterday. Her name is right above one of my bff's in my contact list. I didn't realize I had clicked on the wrong person until it was too late...oopsie.

9. Mountain Dew is my liquid crack. I have no idea how I will break that addiction when I am banded.

10. I will be banded in exactly 11 days.


Laura Belle said...

Hi! I just saw that you made my 110th follower!!! First, thank you LAWD because I've been at 109 for days and it was seriously freaking me out. Damn odd numbers!

Anyway, thought i'd pop on over and see your blog and now i'm tickled you're doing my Ten Things!!! No rules. I just started it because I have a bunch of random shit running through my brain at all minutes of the day.

So excited to follow you!!

strawbrry75 said...

I love this! I would love to blog but I have no idea how! I'll be banded 12/28/11 can't wait to see the next post!

A.J. said...

I had flip flops on too today and I hate wearing shoes!!! I blame it on my hillbilly roots. I CAN drink soda---but I don't do it very often because the carbonation seriously bloats me up now. I can't stand uneven numbers or any other kind of asymmetry. Are you a VIrgo? I am and I am told that is a total Virgo trait.

Andrea said...

Love number 7!!!

speck said...

Well now you have me thinking. I have to go look to see if I have odd numbers following me and also on facebook.(love Laura Belle's post)

And today you have 10 days(LOVE that even number!!!) until you are banded! :)

Jen said...

Love this. My BFF Drazil goes crazy when she's at an odd number too. lol
After being banded you'll most likely switch to coffee. Lattes or Mocha's (sugar free and low fat, of course) to get your caffiene. I used to be on the Mountain crack too, now I can't stand it. It used to be the opposite, I wouldn't drink coffee to save my life. Now, I looooove it!

Ronnie said...

I'm all about the flops, too. :)

AND... amen on #5. I feel naked without painted toenails. My fingernails are never painted though. Strange.

Stephanie M. said...

I'm the same way about shoes. I only wear them when it's really cold or to the gym. I live in Florida so it's not that big of a deal - I wear my Birkenstocks approximately 350 days per year.

XBIGJIMX said...

Have joined the blogger ranks and now following :)