Thursday, April 4, 2013

Triple T!

Thanks to the gorgeous (and preggo) Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I can honestly say that each day I feel like I am getting better and better. I still can't walk fast, have to be very careful getting in and out of the car, and occasionally need help when getting up from a lying position, but I have a little bit more energy each day.

2. So I feel like my new belly button is a tad bit on the small side. Maybe I was just used to having a big ole stretched out belly button. Any way, I read online (on a tt site where plastic surgeons answer questions) that you can tape a marble in your belly button and the new belly button will stretch out a bit. This sounds a little strange to me, but I am going to ask my PS about it.

3. I still haven't slept in the bed. I mentioned last night that I may try it and The Rockstar had a mini meltdown. He was so afraid that he would roll over and accidentally hit me in his sleep. I knew if I slept in the bed he wouldn't get any sleep from being nervous about hitting me. I decided I would wait until Friday night...that way it doesn't matter much if he doesn't get any sleep :)

4. Speaking of The Rockstar...tomorrow night his band is opening for another band. The drummer of the other band is a very famous/well known drummer within that genre of music. The Rockstar has idolized this guy even before we got married (22 years ago). It is like a HUGE deal that he will be opening for this guy. The show doesn't start until 8:00 at night. I have to work all day...I will be exhausted just from having to work. Then, I will be at the show until midnight or so. I feel bad that I am almost dreading is, after all, one of the biggest things of his musical career. I also don't even have a clue what in the world I will wear. There is no way in hell that jeans will fit over all this bandaging and the binder.

5. Finally, for the first time in two weeks, I had an appetite today. I took my kids to the bowling alley (we go every other week and bowl and eat lunch there) and I had a big ole salad. I never thought I would be happy about having an appetite.

6. My bff who I always vacation with told me yesterday that she thinks she is going to have to cancel on our yearly beach trip. Her son is in the Navy stationed in Japan and only comes in like once a year. She found out that he is coming home the day before we were going to leave for the beach. I am certainly not a bit mad at her, but I am very sad that I may not get my yearly girls beach trip. And it sucks that I would lose the deposit I have already paid on the condo.

7. Everyone is talking about some post on fb last night. I feel so out of the loop. I have no idea what everyone is talking about.

8. In case you didn't know, it is Autism Awareness Month. I have worked with kids with autism for 15 years. I can honestly say that some of the best people to have been part of my life in the past 15 years have autism.

9. It is going to be in the 70"s here this weekend. You know what that means......flip flop time!!!!!

10. Grey's Anatomy tonight....yay!


Rachel said...

YAY! So glad you're feeling a bit better.

~Miss Lorie~ said...

Seems like it has been FOREVER since it was flip flop time! Ahhh! So nice:)
I hope you enjoy the concert!

Mon said...

Hooray for flip flops! I wear them even when it's not very weather-appropriate and people are always giving me crap about it. If my feet could take it, I would never wear shoes!

So glad you're feeling a bit better...a big ole salad sounds so good right now!

Holly Marie said...

I think you should totally still take your beach vacation! With or without your friend!

Vanessa said...

#7 - me either...
Flip flops! Got two new pairs - and am carrying one pair in my purse so when I land in PR on Sunday I can immediately ride my self of horrible foot coffins and get to flip floppin!!!

Anna said...

Aww, I'm sorry about your beach vacay...could you go with someone else? Or even without your friend?

And WOOHOO to flip flops. I've been totally neglecting mine and can't wait to get them back out. (Plus a pedicure, for sure!)

Yay for The Rockstar getting to meet an idol! That's awesomesauce.

Connie O said...

I agree on going to the beach anyway! If you don't want to go by yourself, I bet you could find someone who would be happy to go with you.

I hope you will end up enjoying the show tonight, even though it's understandable that you are dreading it. Do you have a loose-fitting dress you could wear?

Kay S said...

YAAAY for flip flop weather! I've stayed on top of my pedicures so I'd be ready at a moment's notice.

Cheri said...

So glad you are gradually getting better!

I agree with everyone...I really hope you can think of a good plan B for beach trip...I'm tempted to crash the party myself. ;-)