Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Liebster Award!!

Thank you Cheri for nominating me for the Liebster award!

"The Liebster Award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning dearest. The award is given to up-and-coming bloggers who deserve recognition and support to keep on blogging."

The rules:

1. Think of 11 facts you'd like to share about yourself.

2. Answer the questions I asked.

3. Think of 11 questions you'd like to ask (come on, have fun, it's a way to be nosy without being rude)

4. Nominate 5 bloggers (apparently they should have less than 200 followers).

So here we go!

11 Facts about myself:

1. I am still friends with my very first best friend from the first grade. We are VERY different people now, but have some how still managed to stay friends through all of these years.

2. I eat chocolate every day.

3. I am afraid of the dark.

4. I shave my legs every single day.

5. I don't sit around thinking about death, BUT when I do die I hope it is right after I have cleaned the house, done all the laundry, AND am having a good hair day.

6. I only knew The Rockstar 3 days before he asked me to marry him.

7. We were married 6 weeks later.

8. I can not sleep with socks on and I also usually do not have my feet under the cover.

9. I have never drank beer in my life.

10. I talk to my mother on the phone every day...usually 3 times a day. Once when I get off of work, once when she gets off of work, and once again before she goes to bed.

11. When I put my groceries away everything has to be lined up, with like items, labels facing front.

Cheri's Questions:

1) You are throwing a dinner party - what three famous people would you invite?

Matthew Mcconaughey (so he can feed me dinner AND serve me dessert), Paula Deen (so she can cook the dinner), and Tyler Perry (dressed and in character of Madea)

2) Who was your first crush?

His name was Tony and he was in my first grade class. He was the class clown and was always in trouble. Yeah, I had a thing for the bad boys even back then.

3) What would your dream job be?

I have my dream job :)

4) Favorite television show?

No way I can pick just one. I am a reality tv junkie and just can't force me to choose between Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of OC....ya just can't make me choose.

5) You are being served your last meal on earth...what do you want?

Fried chicken, fried corn, fried potatoes, fried cornbread, Mountain Dew, and my mama's chocolate pie...I'm gonna die any way...right??

6) Place you haven't been yet and want to see?

I want to go to Germany. Mostly because I miss my German son and would like to see him.

7) Something that annoys the snot out of you?

Parents who send their kids to school sick.

8) Something that will always make you smile?

When one of my kids at school learns to do something they have been working on for months.

9) Oprah, Dr Phil, Kelly Rippa, and Barbara Walters are on a boat. It's going to sink unless you throw two of them off into shark infested waters. Who are you dumping?

Kelly Rippa...she has no meat on her bones so the sharks probably wouldn't bother her any way. Barbara Walters...no real reason why....I just like Oprah and Dr. Phil better.

10)You can wave a magic wand and solve ONLY ONE world problem (ie: water for everyone). Which would you solve?

I would end all child abuse.

11) What are three things you most like about who you are?

I am a good mother, I am a good friend, I can get along with people from all walks of life.

Sorry, but I am not nominating anyone because I have to cut this short (gotta be some where in 15 minutes). I also don't know who all has already been nominated...but I love reading these!


Anna said...

I love that you saved the two I threw to the sharks! LOL :)

Connie O said...

I'm still friends with my best friend from first grade too! We actually met when we were three, and she boggled my mind by suggesting that I pretend to be my sister, my sister pretend to be her, and she pretend to be me. She still boggles my mind on a regular basis. But it doesn't take much.

All your answers were interesting!

Laura Belle said...

#9 just breaks my heart. But i still love ya! We never did get that beer in chitown. :-(

adorkbl said...

Dang we have a lot in common. lol. I love reading these!

adorkbl said...

Oh and DANG after 3 days you had Rockstar hooked. Impressive. ;)

Cheri said...

I love that you love your job. Ending child abuse is a great choice. I'd love to have dinner with Tyler Perry too, I've enjoyed him in interviews. Tony and Bobby would have liked each other. My other memory of Bobby (sweater thrower) was he raised his hand and asked, "may I scream?". The teacher smiled and said yes. He did. Wow. I still am fb friends with a few childhood friends, too. I'm so glad I've met you!

jennxaz said...

ah, I love getting to know more about you...you truly are a sweetie pie!

Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

Hubs and I had a similar whirlwind! When it's right, it's right!

The Dandy Bandy said...

So much about you so quickly! I LOVE it!

My hubby asked me to marry him the day after we met!! :)

Harmony said...

Love this!