Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ten Things Thursday...Catch Up Edition

Thanks to the beautiful Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday. And this is probably the best way for me to catch up after taking a two month break from blogging :)

1. Can you believe it has been two months since I blogged???? No real reason why, I just wasn't in the mood to blog. It would be a big ole lie if I said I had been too busy. Too lazy...that is way more believable. Since many of you are friends with me on fb I feel like you already know what I have been doing.

2. I am at the exact same weight that I was 2 months ago when I last blogged. I am ok with it. I could probably stand to lose 10-15 more pounds, but quite honestly, I am not stressing about it.

3. Work is going good. I am actually on fall break this week. Normally, this would be a great thing. But...since I work for the government I am not currently getting a paycheck. Which means I did not plan anything for fall break...and I can't even go out shopping since I have no idea when I will get a paycheck again.

4. The Rockstar's school system doesn't have their fall break until next week...LAME. I wish we could have had the week off together, but that's the sucky part of not working for the same school system. He has been very busy lately. He is an assistant band director and this is marching band season. Plus he has his full time teaching job, he is working on his Master's degree, and he is in a band. Needless to say, I don't see him very often. We try to have a date night as often as we can...but it isn't as often as I would like.

5. Did I tell you that The Boy had moved out?? Well guess what???? He moved back home!!!! I was thrilled to have my baby home. I no longer have to worry if he is getting enough to eat, getting enough sleep, or has clean clothes to wear. The Rockstar was just bummed out that we would no longer be walking around naked.
6. The babies went to the beauty shop yesterday. Their beauty shop is in their doctor's office. Harleigh went straight from the beauty room to the operating room. She got spayed and was quite pitiful last night :(  Mayzie was being so sweet to her. She laid right beside Harleigh and kept her head on Harleigh most of the night. Harleigh seems to be feeling much better today :)
7. I have noticed that I have some new followers. Sorry that following me has been so boring lately. If you are following me, and I am not following you, please send me a link to your blog. I haven't been commenting lately, but I am going to do better about that.
8. The weather here has been a little crazy. At night it has been in the 40's and during the day nearly in the 80's. As long as it is still above the 60's during the day I refuse to put my flip flops away. Tennessee weather...gotta love it :)
9. I went to my 25th high school reunion a couple of weeks ago. I didn't go to my 10th, and although I went to the 20th, I stayed for like less than an hour. So, some of those people I had not seen in 25 years. It is safe to say that I will be completely ok if I go another 25 years without seeing some of them. I had this girl come up to me and actually say "Did you date Bob??" (not his real name) and I said "Who??" She then proceeded to accuse me of dating her then boyfriend in high school. Really???? It has been 25 years....are you still not over him???? And for the record...I did not date her boyfriend. We were in a play together and went to an afterparty together. That was it.
10. If you have followed me for long, then you know at this time of the year I am all about Thursdays...because that means Grey's is coming on. I now have also been sucked into Scandal. Yep, my life IS that exciting :)


Hollee said...

My friends and I live for Scandal. One friend even had a Scandal themed birthday party. If you missed that blog, you missed me as a redhead (Abby). We got drunk and took too many "It's handled." photos.

Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

#10 - me too.

I need to blog and update about my tummy tuck and where I am weight loss wise.

Njlapbandgir L said...

Hello, I'm fairly new to your blog. I was banded a few weeks ago, here's my blog:

Julie Miller said...

Yea! So glad you are back! I've missed you!

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Scandal is amazeballs. Grey's is a close second. xoxo

oddy c said...

I'm a new follower trying to get the hang of blogging

lynn said...

I work for the government too, so no paycheck either, and it doesn't seem clear whether we will get one. :(

Amy said...

Love me some Grey's :)

Vanessa said...

You are adorable! Nice to see you back Blogging!

Cat said...

Can I tell you how much I love that picture of you and RS???

And how freaking GORGEOUS are you lady??

And your sweet, I love that they sorta match too. I had to look to even be able to tell Harleigh from Mazie! : )

/heart you bucketsfull Lady!

Chuckleheads said...

Loving the photo of of you and rockstar. Two things...his hair rocks and you are either tiny or he is giant...which is it? :)

Cheri said...

So much news! I'm glad you have your son back - sorry for Rockstar though, lol! LOVE the pic of you two - how adorable are you both!!! So sorry about you not getting paid - that just sucks!! Your blogs are always so much fun. :-) I've missed you. :-) I haven't been blogging either. We could chat some day, but trust me, you'd rather we didn't, ;-P :-D I hope and PLAN to be fun in my blog again soon though!!! ;-D Hope your health is all doing well hon, last I was reading you that was a bit of a concern, so I hope that is all clear and good now. MUAH! xo