Thursday, June 13, 2013


Thanks to the gorgeous (and preggo) Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I love summer. I sleep late every day, I lounge in the pool, and I watch lots of trash tv. Life is good.

2. Apparently I have a step mother now. The rumor is that my dad got married. He has not told me...well I also haven't talked to him since I got back from the beach. You would think that something like getting married would be a big deal and you would mention it to your daughter(s). I guess my dad doesn't think it's newsworthy.

3. I am going to get my first unfill ever tomorrow. I have had 2 fills. The last time I had a fill was over a year ago...February, 2012. I knew when I got the band that I could never have a tight band because it would be dangerous with having Barrett's Esophagus. My doctor didn't even really want to do a band on me for that reason (as well as he thinks people aren't generally as successful with the band). Any way, since the tummy tuck I have felt like I am tighter than I should be. I can't eat at all until early afternoon. I am also past due for having the scope to biopsy my Barrett's, and I feel more comfortable getting an unfill before the scope.

4. I go back to the plastic surgeon on Tuesday for my 3 months post op visit. I couldn't be more pleased with this tummy tuck. If you saw the before pics you would never ever think it was the same person. My brain hasn't caught up with my body yet and I am still buying clothes that are too big and have to return them.

5. Speaking of buying clothes, I did some shopping while I was at the beach. I bought a dress for a wedding I have to attend next month. Guess what size it was???? Size small. I started off trying on the Large. It was too big and they didn't have it in a Medium. My bff told me to try on the small. I said "Are you crazy???? I can NOT wear a small." Apparently, I can.

6. I love burned meatloaf and burned bacon.

7. I love being tanned.

8. I love sweet tea.

9. Harleigh has developed severe separation anxiety since we have been home for the summer. When we go out to the pool she cries so loud we can hear it from the pool. I am going to start taking her to doggy daycare one or two days a week. Hopefully that will help.

10. I haven't weighed myself since my return from vacation. I will find out tomorrow if I gained weight. I didn't eat a lot in volume, but what I did eat was junk. And I went 7 whole days without pooping. Sorry about the TMI. I can't help it. My body goes on lockdown when I go out of town. I would be in serious trouble if I had to go away from home for a long time.


Ask Me About My Band, My Lap-Band said...

Your surgeon didn't want to do an unfill before your TT? I had one before my hysterectomy. I had no idea how my anesthesia would react to my band. Are you having it completely unfilled or partially?

I'm glad your summer is going so well :) We are on day 2. We need some heat! I'd love a pool!

Sweet tea....yum!

My dad has Barrett's Esphogus. He was diagnosed last year. Tons of endoscopes and biopsies. In fact his surgeon switched labs to get a second opinion because he was afraid he was getting false negatives.

Thanks for being a fun blogger to read!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

lawd jesus, woman. no poop for SEVEN DAYS? I'd hate to be around your house when the poop happens! lol

Vanessa said...

So Jealous of your summer vacation! Enjoy it! I love sunshine and tan too but its been raining and cold here....grrrr. Hoping for some beach time this weekend! My system shuts down while I am on vacation sucks!

Run, Chelle, Run! said...

My dad died of esophageal cancer, so to say that I am EXTRA PARANOID is an understatement (though I know it's not hereditary.)

I'm glad you get to sleep in all summer, sounds like heaven!

jennxaz said...

Oh my...when you do...its going to be an assplosion! Love the small are such a sweetie and cutie enjoy that summer break!

Kay S said...

Yay for summer and a size SMALL dress! Mix some Miralax in that sweet tea! It's a lifesaver.

Rachel said...

WOOHOO on the size SMALL! I can't "go" anywhere but my own house, so I can relate to your body going on lock down when out of town. Hope your summer continues to be fabulous!

Cheri said...

Congratulations on the new stepmom? LOL

It is true, you always have the most entertaining blogs. ;-D

I sometimes have that problem when I travel, too. Or if I can't have my one cup of coffee a day. And I only need one cup, but I NEED one cup. When I had to have my EKG and not drink coffee...bad. Now that I eat less, not as big a deal. But I used to eat a LOT of veggies a day. Nuff said. (Too much I'm sure.)

I hope you can get the fill back to the right level hun. :-( It sounds not good. I'm happy for the small sizes and all, but want you to be comfortable with what you can eat, and when! (At least sleeping in late helps. ;-P) I'm glad you are so happy with your TT. You looked super cute in all your beach pics. :-)

Luka Beth said...

my dad proposed to his gf and never mentioned it to me. i expect one day to find out that he's been married for six months and just 'forgot' to tell me.

Beth Ann said...

Small. :-) That has to feel good. Go girl!