Thursday, February 7, 2013

Triple T!

1. I had to go to the dentist yesterday. As we all know I HATE going to the dentist. I get gas just to have my teeth cleaned. This time I was getting a filling replaced that the hygienist pulled out last week while she was cleaning my teeth (and didn't even tell me!!! I noticed it when I went to the bathroom before I left).

I hate, hate, hate getting shots in my mouth. I would rather have a hot fire poker up the vajayjay then to get a shot in the mouth. I may or may not have slapped the dentist while she was giving me the shot.

2. I got a letter in the mail from my doctor today. It said that he has affiliated himself with a healthcare program that will require him to significantly reduce the size of his practice so he can spend more time with each patient (sounds good so far). Now, the's a first come, first serve basis on who will remain his patient...all you have to do is enroll and pay the annual fee. No problem, as I am thinking it's probably like a $25-$50 fee. was a $1500 fee. I have NEVER heard of this before. I have been with my doctor for 14 years. And I hate change. But it looks like I will be looking for a new doctor.

3. I think The Rockstar is trying to sabotage me. He brought me a gallon of Purity Chocolate Milk (it's only available in parts of's a local dairy and it is to die for) and a bag of Reese's know, the kind that you don't even have to unwrap. Which means you can shove like 5 in your mouth at one time. And eat the entire bag with an hour (which I will neither confirm or deny that I did).


4. My student teacher is really doing a great job. I get so excited when I see the growth of a student teacher. I really try to teach them everything I wish my cooperating teachers had taught me. She is with me until mid March and then she will go to her elementary placement. I am making her a basket with teacher stuff in it (office supplies, lesson plan book, stickers, etc) to give her on her last day with me. I remember how expensive it was to start teaching, so I really want to help her out as much as I can. I am also going to give her $100 gift card to the teacher store. I know that she will be able to use that :)

5. Can some of you people please send me some of your snow???? I haven't had a snow day yet. And considering that it was 67 here today, I don't think I will be getting one.

6. When I drove on post this morning the guard boy (I say boy because I am old enough to his mama) checked my ID then handed it back to me and said "have a good day...and your hair looks beautiful today". It totally made my day. Sometimes I forget how one compliment can really turn someones day around until I am on the receiving end of the compliment. So, thank you little guard boy!

7. One of my former students (from about 5 years ago) now lives about 15 minutes from me in a group home for adults. He only gets to see his family once a year (at Christmas) because there really isn't anyone to take him back home (about 45 minutes away). I periodically go pick him up and take him to lunch. It breaks my heart that he really doesn't get to see his family, so I try to be his surrogate family.

8. Valentine's Day is next week!!!!! It is my favorite holiday! It's all about love and chocolate :)

9. I must be getting old. My bedtime has been getting earlier and earlier. I can remember when I first started teaching it was nothing for me to stay up until 11 or 12. Now I am lucky if I can stay awake past 8:30.

10. Grey's Anatomy is a new episode tonight....and that makes me a happy girl.


Sarah G said...

I just watched last week's Grey's yesterday!

~Miss Lorie~ said...

I need a "little gaurd boy" in my life. And some chocolate! :)

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Love Grey's Anatomy. I'm thinking that doctor thing is part of Obamacare...but he couldn't write that so he wrote that it was about spending more time with patients. Sucks.

Cheri said...

I love the Guard boy. Your blogs make me happy. I love V-day too, being thankful for my family. :) $1500!!!!!!!!!!!!, gambling debt maybe?

Cat said...

Your blog makes me happy. I like Valentine's Day, but since G and I don't celebrate much, it's not really a big deal for me. My favorite is Halloween. : )

I've never seen Grey's though I understand I should catch up on Netflix as I would instantly be hooked.

Holly Marie said...

I would love some of that chocolate milk right now!

Vanessa said...

I'm sending you all the snow from my house - I'd kill for 67 degrees!

Anna said...

I went to the dentist yesterday...we really are twinsies! :) Sucks about your doctor though - I wouldn't pay a fee to stay somebody's patient! Re-donk!

jennxaz said...

OMG that chocolate milk and chocolate...I just licked my monitor!

Terrie said...

1 - how could she not tell you she yanked a filling out? That doesn't sound right at all!!

2 - WTF? My doctor gets paid plenty between me and my insurance. I don't think anyone should have to pay that kind of money just to be taken as a patient. That just doesn't seem ethical.

3 - shame on rockstar. Mine has been bringing home peanut butter M&Ms. He hasn't brought any home this week and my weight is down. Imagine.

4 & 7 - You are an amazing role model and (I imagine) a wonderful teacher!!

5 - we haven't had a snow day in 2 years. The 2 years before that we had blizzards. It's feast or famine I tell ya.

6 - Yay for good hair days

9 - I fell ya on the sleep thing. I have been falling asleep in the recliner every night before 9. Dennis told me I reminded him of his grandmother. But hey, I bet grandma was well rested!!

MandaPanda said...

You are awesome sauce!! Awesome cooperating teacher and awesome for you to take that former student to lunch. You rock!

MandaPanda said...

You are awesome sauce!! Awesome cooperating teacher and awesome for you to take that former student to lunch. You rock!

Sarah said...

Wow. You are one hell of a mentor and she is one lucky student teacher. We have one teacher shop about 45 minutes from me. I get sooooooooooo excited about it. The day we learned of its existence, 3 friends and I climbed in the car straight after school and shot down there. It was incredible. xx

$1500???? Holy crap. Yet another reason I love the NHS.

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