Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

Thanks to the gorgeous Laura Belle we have Ten Things Thursday!!

1. I have been in a bad mood for over week. I have no idea what is going on. I am almost always in a good, happy mood. I think it must be the change of seasons. I think I should go to the tanning bed once or twice a week. I used to do that several years ago in the winter and it seemed to help.

2. I love my husband every day...but there are certainly days that I don't like him. Since I have been in a bad mood, there have been several days lately that I don't like him.

3. The Rockstar has had a pulled muscle in his back since last week. He literally spent 3 days in the bed. I can push a baby out of my vagina and be back to doing laundry and cleaning house within 48 hours...but a pulled muscle has him down for 3 days. It gets on my nerves.

4. I don't think I ever mentioned how my doctor's appt over fall break went. I didn't get a fill. After really thinking about it I felt like I could do more on my end before getting a fill. I have been doing better for the last two weeks.

5. Since my little poop slinger moved schools I had to lose an assistant. Of course they took my favorite one. I think this is actually part of the reason I have been in a bad mood.

6. I read on fb where one of my friends just finished her Christmas shopping. I know some people like to get it done early, but I swear, I can't even begin to think about Christmas shopping until we get Thanksgiving over with.

7. The journal topic for my kids yesterday was to describe their family. One of my boys wrote "I have two dads. One dad lives at my house. He is in the army and he likes to play video games with me. The other dad is drunk and has a beard."

Kids....gotta love their honesty.

8. I think I should get a massage and a pedi this weekend. That always puts me in a better mood.

9. I have a co worker who is tall and thin...really, she reminds me of black Barbie. It gets on my nerves when she eats a (singular) m&m and then says "oh I really shouldn't eat this...I am getting so fat"

10. In case you were wondering.....Grey's is on tonight!!!!


adorkbl said...

Sorry you lost you fav assistant. Bummer.

Jen said...

I'm feeling the same way about my husband these days! pretty much nothing he does is right by me!!

love that someecard!!

hope you get that massage and pedi! always makes me feel better too!!


Cat said...

I'm so sorry about your bad mood. Love that card. So true!

JRD said...

Oh gurl, I feel you...sometimes you're just in a bad mood. Own it! An yay for Grey's!!!! Hope it's a good one tonight...

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

3 days? Dude - go in there and kick him in the stomach so he knows what real pain is. I'm kidding. You cannot be in a bad mood honey - you're too pretty for bad moods. Yes, yes - tan. Maybe it's seasonal. I think I'll tan tonight too - we can be twinsies!

speck said...

I've definitely felt that way about my husband a time or two!

By the way, I miss you.

I'm proud of you for not getting that fill. It's easy to eat like crap and go for help. Thankfully, I haven't done that and I'm happy you didn't either.


Tina @ The Bandit Girl said...

I feel ya on the pitiful husband. Their pain tolerance is that of a gnat.

Good luck pulling yourself out of the funk....we've all been there and I know you will be back! ;)

sweet addy said...

#2 - AMEN. Lordy.

jennxaz said...

I wanted to shank my hubby last I totally can be such babies when they are not feeling well.

Your always in such a good mood it would be weird to see you your still cute..

Sarah said...

In order to help lift your mood, if it still bad since I am reading this late, I will disclose the following ...

I now have to lift my boobies up when I go on the sunbed because I was starting to develop tan lines underneath them! xx

Cheri said...

Lol at M&M barbie.... now I am thinking of evil ways to sneak calories into her.....

I sooo feel you on the hubby health thing. Will stop there. It would be too easy to go on.

Since this is an old post..hope you are feeling better.